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Trip to Alameda & Oakland

On Friday 10/9 I had the day off from work and Kevin had the night off from class so we decided to take a road trip to Alameda & Oakland near where Kevin has classes. He had driven by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park, Arrowhead Marsh many times before but didn’t have much time to visit so we took a day trip there with Lola. It’s a really pretty area and a nice, peaceful retreat in the middle of the city of Oakland.

A good ol’ egret

There was this very strange piece of artwork (at least that’s what we think it was) right in the middle of the grass area so Kevin decided to climb up it with Lola. Watch the video here:

Lola, like a little kid, playing on the whale playground toy

Though I don’t think we’ll be driving across the bridge just to go to this park again, it was a nice get away from the city for a change!

Granite Creek camping trip

The Edmonds family camping trip was a blast. The weather could have been just a wee-bit hotter (the first two days we wore jackets and had a fire going all day!) but the last few days it started to warm up and we spent most of the day hanging out in the middle of the creek on some rocks, building dams and, for the brave few of us, swimming in the cold, cold creek. Lola was just WONDERFUL on the trip. She absolutely loved being off leash for most of the day, running through the forest, jumping on rocks and crossing the creek. She’s a true camping dog!

We took a break along the drive and saw this beautiful view

Kevin, Luke, Lola and Thomas in the cab of George’s truck
Going for a hike

Joshua enjoying some yummy apple chips
Lola playing with her cousin Katelyn (they sure became close friends!)
Katelyn skipping rocks and Thomas hanging out
Nap time with dad

Lola LOVED hanging out on the rocks, she reminded me of a billy goat climbing them the way she did
Katelyn, the brave one who dared to go in the water

It didn’t take long for her to get in all the way! And she kept telling me “Come in, Lisa, it’s perfect!” Yeah, I doubt that Katelyn! 😉
It wasn’t long after that Uncle Kevin joined her
I love this picture, Lola looking on as Katelyn and Kevin go for a dip (you can click on the photo to get a closer look)
Katelyn and Judith hanging out
Time for another nap!
Katelyn enjoying lunch and Joshua enjoying the sunshine
Judith, me, Joshua, Luke and Thomas hanging out around the campfire

Josh was very proud of his find, and it kept us warm all weekend!

Turn’s out Lola’s a pyro just like the rest of the family! haha

Remember how I said Katelyn and Lola became good friends? Well Katelyn loved to play dress up with Lola

Me and Kev making barbecue chicken, corn on the cob and baked beans for dinner, yum!

Can you tell this girl likes to sleep? And she just loved snuggling with us in the tent among all the blankets. So cute!