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A baby story: Week 35

Week 35: Baby’s the size of a coconut!

The weeks seem to be zooooming by now that we’re getting so much closer to the due date!  A LOT has taken place in the last week and it feels good to be getting so many things done in the baby department. But before I get to that I just need to shout at the top of my lungs that I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH STUDENT TEACHING!  Friday was my last day with those 7th grade knuckleheads and although it’s completely bittersweet since I enjoyed my time with them so much, it is such a major relief to be done and only have to work full-time for the next few weeks.  😉  I want to write a post reflecting on my experience once my credential course and my CA state assessment are done (should be all finished up with everything next week) so I’ll leave it at that for now.

This week Kevin and I did some major work on the baby’s room and it’s coming together quite nicely!  The fire was under our rears because our Bay Area shower was being hosted at our apartment so we worked from early morning hours both Saturday and Sunday to get the room and the entire apartment in tip-top shape.  We’ve still got some work to do on the baby’s room but we are almost done!  Here are some sneak peek photos of our progress so far:

Mars relaxing in the glider we got from Craig’s List!  We’re going to dye the fabric a dark brown but this is what we’ve got for now.

Here is a little something I made for her–a picture of our very first ultrasound at 8 weeks (seems like a lifetime ago!) with the words “Love at first sight” written on the bottom.

The top of her dresser/changing table with another plant, her mermaid candle holder from my mom, an art print of a bear + constellation, a little mermaid finger puppet from Jenny and Neil, her first spoon with a little mermaid on it, and last but certainly not least–a framed picture of her big sister Lola!

We went to IKEA and purchased two bookshelves to begin her little library.  Here are some shots of some of the shelves:

The top of the bookshelf with some flowers, her cute little Vans shoes (courtesy of Kim and baby Amelia!), her Ariel doll (one of four Disney dolls my Aunt Tina got us for our shower last week!), and a mirror I purchased years ago at an antique store

So many good books!!

Two of the shelves with a Peter Pan pop-up book that mama and daddy bought for her months ago sitting atop a stack of children’s story/song records from the 60s we scored for cheap during our babymoon, and the second shelf has her Shel Silverstein book collection (we received Where the Sidewalk Ends from her Aunt Judith, A Light in the Attic from Jayme, and The Missing Piece Meets the Big O from Kim, Frank and Amelia) and two cute teddy bears (one from Steve and one from Brianne and Brian wearing a cute little hat from Lisa and Josh)!

She’s already got a shelf dedicated to her bilingual English/Spanish books!  I only told one person that I wanted to get some bilingual books but quite a few people thought of it on their own and I am so happy they did!  Kevin’s looking forward to practicing his Spanish with her too.

We had a great time at our Bay Area shower and we can’t thank Carleigh enough for throwing such a fun party for us!  We had around 17 people there total and Lola and Mars were the perfect hosts.  🙂  My mom and her boyfriend Steve crashed the party and surprised us that afternoon, here’s a link to a fun video she put together of their sneaky plan to surprise us. And here are some photos from the afternoon (courtesy of my mama):

One of the games Carleigh had the guests play, they had to create a baby out of Play-Doh and I chose the one that I liked the best! Some very interesting creations here…

The pink one on the bottom is the one I chose (Carleigh’s)!

Second and third place winners for the other shower game

Me and Kevin opening up some gifts. We were reading a super sweet poem written by our friends Terri and Scott that was inscribed in the inside cover of the book.

Some of the party guests + doggies

Family photo!

Tonight I was treated to an amazing prenatal massage and it was so appreciated.  Our doula is a massage therapist and I had been looking forward to this massage for weeks! This one was included in our package we got from her and my mama bought me a few more to take advantage of before and after the little miss arrives.  THANK YOU mama!  It was beyond relaxing and I feel like I’m on cloud nine right now.  🙂

And last but certainly not least today we had our 36 week prenatal appointment.  It was a little stressful because our OB/GYN’s office called me yesterday afternoon letting me know that she was cancelling all appointments for the rest of the week, including ours.  Kevin and I had been looking forward to seeing her one last time today and I was definitely upset by the news.  Luckily this morning I was called with some good news, that another OB/GYN had an opening to see us at 11:30 so we were able to have our appointment after all!  The doctor was able to confirm that Sirena’s head is down (woohoo!) and although the ultrasound was short and sweet, we were so happy to see her little arms and fingers and long legs stretching out.  The funniest thing was that the doctor could tell that her bladder was full, haha.  The picture we got wasn’t the best but I thought I’d put it here anyways just for posterity’s sake.  🙂  This is a picture of her pretty lil’ head:

The doctor said her head is nice ‘n round!

Belly shots!

She is definitely groooowing!

Can you tell how much more relaxed I am after my prenatal massage? Ahhh…

The best Lola photo bomb to date!

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained so far: 13 pounds
  • Number of baby-related classes/appointments we have this weekend: Four! Friday we’re meeting with the Labor & Delivery team to ask questions and get a sneak-peek as to which resident doctor might deliver this little munchkin, Saturday we’ve got a Newborn Care Class at Kaiser and we’re meeting with our doula again, and Sunday I’m going to an event where mamas get together to share positive birth stories which I’m really looking forward to.
  • Fun baby developments this week: She measures around 20 inches now and weighs a little over 5 pounds.  At this point she probably won’t grow much longer so all of her attention will be focused on packing on the pounds! Her kidneys and her sense of hearing are fully developed and at this point all she’s got left to do is allow her lungs to mature.

Fall visitors & a mostly vegan Thanksgiving

A pre-Thanksgiving visit

We were privileged with a visit from my lovable, adorable, stinker-of-a-brother Derek the week before Thanksgiving.  We spent a lot of time together, just hanging out and eating our way through Oakland and San Francisco.  🙂

We made a couple of visits to Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland, a cute ice cream parlor, for some delectable ice cream.

We also discovered this awesome ale house in Oakland called Cato’s that Derek likes to describe as a “classy dive bar”. Even though I couldn’t partake in the beer (boo!) the food more than made up for it.

And we spent an evening at Jessie’s pad eating some amazing food and a game night.

Thanksgiving weekend

Unfortunately he couldn’t stay for Thanksgiving, but fortunately for us we had another couple of visitors right on his heels: Kevin’s parents, Dorothy and George.  Dorothy flew up a few days ahead of George to spend some time together (and to prepare for the big feast that we were going to make and eat later that week) and it was nice having her around!

One evening that week we drove up to Richmond to visit Point Isabel (where Lola experienced her first open water swim!) so Lola could stretch her legs and so that we could watch the sunset over the SF city skyline.

We were so happy when George arrived from his long drive up from Long Beach and it was doubly nice that Kevin got four days off for the weekend as well!  We spent one of those evenings revisiting Fenton’s Creamery for some ice cream sundae goodness (or, in Kevin’s case, pie).

My idea of heaven (and don’t think for a minute that I didn’t scoop up some of that hot fudge from the plate)

George taking a good, long look at his and Dorothy’s chosen treat

Me, Kevin and George ready to dig in!

This was our third Thanksgiving spent up in the Bay Area (the first was spent with the Julian clan and last year’s was spent with Jessie in San Jose) and it was great having the Edmonds family in town to celebrate.  Dorothy and I got a lot of the work done the day before but we still got an early start on Thanksgiving day to make sure we were ready in time for our other guests (Jessie, Carleigh and Scott) to arrive.  Since Jess and I are vegetarian and Carleigh is vegan we decided to make it a mostly veg-friendly meal.  There were only two things that the vegan of our group couldn’t indulge in: the turkey (obviously) and my Aunt Tina’s infamous corn (made with lots of cream cheese and butter).  But other than that, all of the sides (including one of the pumpkin pies!) were made with no animal products whatsoever!

Kevin and George spent some time working on Kevin’s bike so that they could go mountain biking together later that weekend.

And Dorothy put the finishing touches on the dead bird…I mean, the turkey.

The group arrived and were ready to chow down!

The group minus George

The group minus me

Overall I think it was a pretty successful Thanksgiving meal, especially given that we were cooking for seven in the teeniest kitchen ever!

We had a really busy Friday, starting off with a long hike through Joaquin Miller park (a place Kevin and I have frequented many a time and were excited to share with his parents).

Dad, son and grandpup

Can you spot Kevin and Lola?

K + Lola braving the log

Beautiful trails!

Surprisingly beautiful mushrooms on a log

K + me

George + Dorothy

We rushed home so that we could meet with up our favorite friends from Irvine, Alison and Seth!  We hung out at our apartment for a bit (or until Seth’s stomach yelled at us to leave, haha) and then took them to one of our favorite Mexican places, Taqueria Monte Cristo in Berkeley.  It was SO nice seeing them, even if only for a couple of hours!

The Redlands gang (minus Seth!)

That night we were off again…to the Christmas tree lighting in Union Square!  Kevin and I had gone in 2009 with the Julians and we knew his parents would enjoy it as well.  I think once every two years is about as much crazy Christmas crowds I can handle.  😉

Macy’s all decorated for the holidays

George + us

Dorothy + us

Dorothy + me

It was surprisingly not as cold as it was two years prior but it still warranted my winter fuzzy hat.

This kid had it made: a helmet with straws feeding into two Starbucks’ hot cocoas! Hahahah!

The main event!

Kevin and George ended the weekend off right by spending a morning mountain biking in Joaquin Miller park with Lola.  I was a bit nervous about Lola going out with them but apparently she kept up pretty good!  Kevin hadn’t gone riding in a looooong time and I’m hoping it becomes more of a habit for him (hint, hint!)  🙂

We had a great 10 days full of visitors and we couldn’t have asked for better people to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with!  And now we’re sooo looking forward to Christmas…only 15 more days until we drive down to LB for a week full of family, friends, and food!

Pre-Halloween pumpkin party

My sister Jessie, Kevin and I hosted a small Pre-Halloween pumpkin-themed party in mid-October.  The plan?  Make/bring food that centered around the glorious pumpkin.  And boy did we have some good food!

The menu:

Appetizers: pumpkin hummus, sliced apples and ginger snaps with pumpkin pie dip, medjool dates with chopped walnuts and dark chocolate

Dinner: vegan pumpkin pistachio pasta, vegan pumpkin pizza, vegan smoky braised Mexican pumpkin over brown rice

Dessert: pumpkin bread, vegan pumpkin brownies (this recipe is AMAZING!!)

The spread!

The pups working hard to look cute in hopes of some snacks

Couple of beggars

We had a yummy time eating our way through the pumpkin food and boy were we stuffed at the end.  Lola was wiped out as well…

The tired little hostess

For the party Kevin and I got some decorative mini pumpkins to put on the table and Lola could not let them alone.  So the next day I decided to let her check one out and she was in heaven…

Chewing the stem: her favorite part

Mouth full of pumpkin

Baby/dogsitting, music festival and scavenging

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy at our new home in Oakland…


We’re still looking for a couple of pieces of furniture (most urgent? A desk!) so decided to check out a place my co-worker told me about called Urban Ore in Berkeley which is a salvage yard full of any ol’ thing you can think of…

Urban Ore Ecopark

Like toilets

Or headless mannequins

Or pink polka-dot dogs

Or rooster dolls

Or highway 101 signs

Unfortunately we didn’t find anything that sparked our fancy but I think we gotta give it another few shots because the inventory changes so frequently.

Stern Grove Music Festival

On July 17th we met up with our friends Darinee and Danielle who we met at Redlands at Stern Grove for one of their summer music festivals!  I hadn’t been to a Stern Grove festival since my first weekend in San Francisco (see post with Jessie in ’09 here).  The headliners were The English Beat, an 80’s group that had a few hits and overall they were a great group to see live.

Some of you will remember that this was the day of the Women’s World Cup finals so Kevin and I met up with Carleigh and Scott that morning to watch the match and we were planning on getting to the park in time for the cover band but of course the match went on super long (but SUPER exciting, on-the-edge-of-our-seats excitement!) so we had to stay to see the end of the game.  Because of that we didn’t get to the park until pretty late when it was already jam packed full of people and The English Beat were setting up on stage.

I called Darinee to find out where they were sitting and once we were finally able to spot them we had to then make our way up an extremely steep hill with all of our food and Lola in tow which was not an easy feat!  At one point Kevin decided to pick Lola up and walk her up the hill because there were so many people she was stepping all over.  I have never seen anything like it!  Kevin carrying a 55 pound dog up a steep hill with all of these people surrounding us.  I’m just glad that he didn’t fall backwards from the weight of carrying her!  That man amazes me.

The hundreds and hundreds of people at the festival (this was our view, of the trees, haha. At least the acoustics were pretty good!)

View up above

Me and Kev

Lola not too happy about laying on a steep incline

Random little boy playing air guitar

Sun through the trees

Darinee and Lola, BFF

Lola trying to relax on the incline!

This was Kevin’s first time at the music festival and we had a blast, especially with the company we shared the day with!  We hope to make it out again this month while the festivals are still going on.

Babysitting Mia

On July 22 we had the amazing opportunity to babysit 13-month old Mia!  It was Matt’s birthday so Mika took him out for a night on the town and asked if we’d watch her for a few hours which we enthusiastically agreed to.  Mia is in love with dogs and so they said that we could bring Lola with us if we wanted to which was a bonus.  Seeing those two together just about melts my heart!

Mia’s favorite thing to do with Lola? Play catch.

Mia’s second favorite thing to do with Lola? Tease her (and just about give me a heart attack) by putting Lola’s ball up near her mouth.

Mia’s third favorite thing to do with Lola? The anticipation of getting a wet, slobbery kiss from her! Every time Lola would walk by her she’d lift her arm up to her face and laugh hysterically in anticipation of the kiss. So. Cute.

After a yummy dinner of pasta, peas, and berries (that girl can eat!) we took a short walk to the park down the street for some play time.

Mia and Kevin


Me and Mia just after coming up from a flip

My favorite picture from the day!

Kevin flying her around and Mia coming up for kisses from Lola

Diaper booty and palm trees

Walking home, trying to get a kiss from Lola

Happy girl!

Dogsitting Bailey

That same weekend Carleigh and Scott were moving from their apartment in San Francisco to an awesome little place in Berkeley (they followed us across the bay, yay!) and so asked us to return the favor (since they watched Lola the day we moved) and dogsit Bailey for the big night.

Bailey. Wiped out.

I decided that these two pups needed a photo shoot down by the lake

Sun setting over the lake. I don’t think I’ll ever get over our view!

Dog sleepover, etc. in March

So it’s been a while since I last updated the blog, oops!  I think that can only mean that we’ve been having a good ol’ time up here, right?  🙂

Here’s a bit of a recap:

Mar 16-18–Lola’s first sleepover with Bailey!

While Carleigh was out gallivanting in Israel & Jordan (!) and Scott was at a work conference, we had the opportunity to dog-sit for Bailey and Lola couldn’t have been happier!

They spent lots of time together…


…chewing on chew toys…

…eating (but only when they could be within sight of each other)…


…and more sleeping (notice how they only switched sides of the couch)…

…more sleeping…

…and yet more sleeping…

Before we had to drop off the bundle of joy we took a series of photos that are pretty hilarious as an animation:

Mar 19: Pyramid with Lola

With Bailey gone, we had to keep ourselves entertained and the way we did this was in making a pyramid with Lola on top.  We’re so cool.

Mar 20–Jenny’s visit

Our friend Jenny from Long Beach (we went to middle/high school together) was in town for work and was able to meet up with me for some lunch at Hamano Sushi in Noe Valley.  It was soooo nice catching up and I can’t wait for her next visit (hint, hint)!  🙂

Mar 23–Rainy walk in the neighborhood

We had lots and lots of rain throughout the month of March but it couldn’t keep us cooped up inside all day!  Lola and I ventured out for a walk in the neighborhood and were just short of soaked by the time we got back home.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

The sun peaked out for a brief moment and we took the opportunity to hit the pavement.

Lola: “Dude, this is not cool.”

Using our car as a safe haven.

And of course the clouds part just as we get home!

Mar 25–Construction on our house starts

Our landlords are stuccoing the house and so as a result our backyard has been completely taken over with construction equipment.  They’re on a bit of a hiatus today (4/24) but the crew should be back in a week or so to finish up the job.  It will be nice once we have the yard to ourselves again!

Lola: Okay, what’s with all this junk?

Lots of tools

Lola taking advantage and making her own jungle gym.

Our personal equipment inspector

Concrete slides, Corona Heights, and campfire

On January 15th Kevin, Lola and I went on another city adventure.  Our destination?  The Seward concrete slides!  These 40-foot concrete slides are side-by-side down a pretty steep hill in the middle of the Castro.  We had already gotten our thrills on the Bernal Heights slides (see the post about that visit at this link) and we’d been dying to check out these slides.

Lola, patiently waiting to get out of the car

Seward St. and Douglas St. in the Castro

“No adults unless accompanied by children”…oops.

[Insert holy music here]

It’s a long way down!

Kevin preparing the piece of cardboard he went down the slide on

Watch a video of Kevin and Lola going down the slide (click the link)!

Our beautiful day in the sun wasn’t quite over yet–we then made our way to Corona Heights dog park which we could see from the slides (the hill in the distance in the photo below).

Dangit, we brought the doggie shampoo and everything.

A gorgeous pit bull we made friends with

That night we had Carleigh, Scott and Bailey over for some homemade (from scratch!) pizza and a campfire!  Perfect way to end the day.

Day trip to Muir Beach

On Sunday1/16 Carleigh, Scott, Bailey, Kevin, Lola and I piled into Carleigh’s little Jetta and took a day trip to Muir Beach for an exciting day in the sun!  We had every  intention of spending our day at Muir Woods but were sad to find out that John Muir hated dogs the park didn’t allow pups.  So we drove another five minutes down the road to beautiful Muir Beach and were not disappointed!

It’s a short two minute trail walk to the beach–the beach itself is expansive with lots of room for friends, families and doggies to play around.  We saw some folks had put up tents to spend the whole day there and Kevin and I would love to go back and do the same some time.  The water was a nice, cool temperature (not ice cold like the beaches in SF) and it was pretty shallow water for a good 40 feet or so.

Bailey showing his mama some loving

Lola, the happy camper!

Bailey resting up for the big day on Scott’s shoulder

Lola, the helpful navigator

Muir Beach on a gorgeous, sunny day!

Lola playing with another doggie in the water

Some random kid with a stick

Some random pup in a tent

Bailey boy

After a half hour or so of hanging out on the beach, we decided to take a hike to Pirate’s Cove.  We climbed up and up and up some very steep hillsides and when we thought we were finally at Pirate’s Cove, we found out we weren’t even half way there!  So we settled for a view of Pirate’s Cove off a beautiful cliff.

Kev, Carleigh, Scott and the pups

Carleigh switched spots with me so I could get in on the photo action

View of the beach we had just climbed up from

Kevin, Lola and I decided to walk out to that ledge for a better view

Can you see Carleigh & Scott?  They’re that tiny spec in the middle of the photo.

Kevin and Lola on the ledge

Lola then ran up the hill and we sat down for a photo opp

Carleigh enjoying the views after the treacherous hike!

On our way back we came across two women on horseback with their dog–Lola, turns out, is not the biggest fan of horses.

Scott, Carleigh and Kevin at the bottom of the hill ready to grab some lunch!

Christmas: The SF Edition

We were back in town for Christmas Eve–Kevin had to work but I was lucky to be able to spend part of the afternoon with the Julian family who were in town for the holidays visiting their son Brandon (he lives in San Bruno). The Julians are really close friends of my family’s who we spent Thanksgiving with in 2009 (see post at this link). Me and Lola met up with the gang in Golden Gate Park at Stow Lake, one of my favorite parts of the park. We walked all around the lake and up Strawberry Hill for a good hour or so–it was such a nice, crisp day, perfect for a walk in the park!

Diane, Dave and Lola

Just as I was taking a photo of this squirrel, Lola decides to…

Jump in mud. Gross.

Playing fetch with Brandon

Me and my second mom Diane

After saying farewell (we were going to spend Christmas Day with them) we ran back home to pick up Kevin and made our way to Carleigh & Scott’s place for Christmas Eve dinner.

The fixins

Failed photo attempt #1–Totally cut out Scott, oops!

Not-so-failed photo attempt, but not a great photo overall. Oh well! We were hungry and didn’t have any more patience to try it a third time. 😉

Bailey got Lola a squeaky duck for Christmas! Surprisingly, she’s still got the duck but it looks nothing like it did on day one (photos soon).

Pecan pie, straight from Carleigh’s kitchen…mmm!

Carleigh & Scott bought us a new game for Christmas as well called Bezzerwizzer (a trivia game) and we had a good time playing although trying to remember the name of the damn game was difficult because you were supposed to call it out occasionally and none of us could ever remember what the name of the game was, haha.

Pretty much sums up the whole evening!

Christmas day we were able to sleep in and enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast, just the two of us. Jessie joined us mid-morning and we video-chatted with the Edmonds family to do our annual sibling gift exchange (thanks Rob for the AWESOME vase and New Orleans messenger bag!!) Jessie and I went in on a gray pea coat for Kevin which he absolutely loves and I got myself a little surprise (that I’m sure most of you already know about) that I’ll write a whole post about soon. Chatting with the family was fun–having just been in Long Beach with family it wasn’t as difficult spending Christmas day away from everyone.
That afternoon we met up with the Julians again at an apartment in the Castro where Brandon was house sitting for dinner, drinks and games (Catch Phrase). Lots of food and lots of wine was consumed (no photographic proof but you’ll just have to take my word for it).

Diane, Brandon and Jessie (the three blondies)

Jessie…being Jessie 😉

Photo bomb!

“Act natural”–Dave, I guess, was the only one who follows directions 😉

We ended the evening being treated to a movie by Dave and Diane–True Grit! Most of us LOVED it (Jess wasn’t too much of a fan) and it was a great way to end the Christmas season! 🙂

Pre-Christmas festivities

We had lots of pre-Christmas festivities leading up to the big day–here are some of the highlights!

Cookie Exchange party
I was invited to my boss’ Cookie Exchange party. I had to bring 6 dozen cookies (or the equivalent–I brought 6 pounds of Mexican Chocolate Fudge!)–I shared 1 dozen at the party and then got to take home 5 dozen cookies! Yowzas. There was a taste contest too and my fudge won Most Delicious! Not bad for my first time trying to make fudge. It really did turn out amazing–the recipe is at this link if you’re interested (super easy!)

I made one version with sea salt…mmm!!!

Decorating Carleigh & Scott’s Christmas tree
This year Carleigh got her first Christmas tree ever! Since we don’t have the room in our apartment to put up a tree, I let them borrow some of our ornaments and we enjoyed decorating the tree, eating dinner and baking cookies together–and you know we had to include a doggie photo shoot (with doggie costumes and everything!)

The final product
Lola gave Bailey a pair of antlers for Christmas and they enjoyed modeling them for us
The antlers didn’t last long, as you can imagine…

Christmas card photo shoot
This year we decided to join the club and send out Christmas cards and I knew I had to take a cute photo of Lola to include. I wore her out at the park playing fetch so that she would wear her (homemade, bootleg) antlers and not fuss with them. I posed her on a red blanket on our bed with a little “Reindeer Food” bag I’ve had a few years and -voila!- adorable Christmas card. 😉

Dinner with the Dobsons
Jessie came into town for dinner with the Dobson family–the family she used to nanny for and that we had gotten close to in the process. They’ve got four boys under the age of 10 so any family gathering is entertaining when the Delmar girls join the mix! 😉 Lots of laughs (and lots of wine) made for a wonderful evening.

Dog pile Jessie!

Lola’s special delivery
Among all of the wonderful Christmas cards we received in the mail, there was one that was just addressed to “Lola Edmonds” and we were delighted to find an edible Christmas card for her made out of rawhide! She LOVED the card and thoroughly enjoyed tearing it to pieces. 😉
Thanks Judith and Dorothy!

Christmas in San Jose
Jessie invited us and our friend Lisa to enjoy some Christmas spirit San Jose style.

Mars getting some well-deserved attention…

Festive wear was donned…

First, a hooping show by Jess…

Then a drive downtown…

Nothing says “Christmas cheer” quite like a frightening 8 foot rat

Ice skating…

Not only do I suck at ice skating, I can never lace up my own shoes! Thanks Kev for tying my shoes for me. 🙂

Jess showing off her moves
The only time I wasn’t hugging the wall was when Kevin took my hand. Reminder to self: Save the $20 ticket and shoe rental and just watch from the sidelines next time! haha

Action shot! This picture cracks me up!

Christmas in the Park…

And to end the night? A bottle of champagne at Jessie’s wine bar, Enoteca la Storia in Los Gatos…

All it takes to get Kevin to smile in photos is a little bubbly, apparently. 😉

If our pre-Christmas festivities were any indication of how Christmas itself would actually be, we were in for a good time! 🙂

Night out on the town

Friday night was not like a typical Friday night for us. The reason? Kevin didn’t have to work the next day!! He finally has Saturdays off from now on (we’re keeping our fingers crossed that that continues through the holidays) and it was sooo great to be able to go out and not worry about staying out too late (since he usually has to work at 6am, yuck!)

We had a delicious date night at Goat Hill Pizza in Potrero Hill. Some of the best pizza ever!

Where the magic happens.
Patiently awaiting our feast…

Cute goat-and-pizza-themed artwork. Check out the top left one where the girl is looking at the goat and in her thought bubble it says: “That got shur luks gud.” HA!


Then we rushed over to visit with our favorite friends Carleigh and Scott.

My delicious duo
Me and Bailey! He was super lovable that night, I think because he didn’t have Lola to distract him.
Homemade Long Island Iced Teas for Carleigh and Kevin
Mountain Goat Bailey

We spent many hours (okay, maybe 30 minutes) playing a new game we created called “guess the celebrity’s age”. Scott and I are PROS at the game–the first time we played, the two of us obliterated the competition. The second time we played we let Carleigh and Kevin win a couple so they wouldn’t be upset. 😉 Some of the celebrities we guessed: Martin Short, Bette Midler, Eddie Murphy, William Shatner, Joan Rivers, etc. etc. Never a dull moment when the four of us get together! 😉