I took a photo of Sirena in her little brown armchair once a month for her first two years of life and wrote a letter to her to document all of the amazing changes we were witnessing in front of our very eyes.  I look back on these photos often, especially now that she is over 2.  It’s so hard to believe that she used to be this tiny 8 pound baby now that she’s a walking, talking, singing, dancing machine!  I am so happy that I did this and I’m sure Sirena will one day fondly look back on these photos and letters to her (at least I hope so!)

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One Month     2 months

3 months     4 months

5 months     6 months

7 months     8 months

9 months     10 months

11 months     12months

13months     14 months

15 Months Old     no photo baby

17 Months Old     18 Months Old

19 months     20 Months

no photo baby     22 Months

23     24 months