My first visitor!

Lots of people have told me and Kevin that they’ll be making their way up to San Francisco sometime to visit us, which couldn’t make us happier! Yesterday I had my first visitor, my past co-worker Claudia who I used to work at the Girl Scouts with. With her new job she had a conference up in San Jose this weekend so we decided to meet up during one of her breaks! I couldn’t believe the timing of it all when she told me she was planning on being up north this past weekend. It was so great to see her and spend some time with her (even if it was only for an hour during her dinner break from the conference!)

Claudia and me in front of Togo’s (I know, not the prettiest backdrop!)

So let us know when you’re planning a trip up here…we’d love to see you and show off our new city! 🙂

One observation on “My first visitor!
  1. LMyring

    Congrats you two! Ok I'm definitely coming to visit. I love the Japanese Garden there.
    Maybe I'll talk your mom into going with me.

    I'm moving too. San Pedro, a luxury high rise with Linda C. as a new roomie. Can't get away from the Linda's no matter where you go!


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