"She works hard for the money…"

I thought an update on work might be nice so I took my camera in today and took some photos to share:

The building where my office is, Alliant Int’l University has half of the 1st floor and all of the 2nd floor, there’s an art university and another company that shares the building.

Good ol’ Pier 39, directly across the street from my office (it’s still exciting to me…I’m afraid all the tourists might get old pretty quick though!

Here’s my office! Not much to look at yet, I didn’t bring much of my decorating stuff with me, so it’ll be a few weeks before I get it looking more like “home” 😉

I’ve pretty much just jumped right into work, they’ve put me to work pretty quick so I’ve been really busy my first three days there! What we’re working on heavily right now is going through all 4 years worth of credential student’s files and streamlining them into one clear format. So it’s basically paper shuffling right now 🙁 but this process is going to make my life a lot easier in the future!
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