Mia’s first birthday

Last weekend we were invited to the happy celebration of Mia’s first year on this planet!  Mika blew us away with the amazing decorations, it felt like we were stepping straight into a magazine spread!

The cutest “Happy Birthday” banner ever.

Orange and pink candies, cookies, and cake!

Mini milk bottles for the kiddos to have milk and cookies

The whole spread

Some cute family photos of the cutest family in Alameda…

This was taken just seconds before Mia snapped the elastic band on Matt’s party hat!  I wish we caught that on video. 😉

And lots of photos of little miss with her special birthday cake (made from scratch by Mika)…

Blowing out the candles with mom and dad

She’s thinking “I can get used to this!”

Grandmas and Daddy trying to get in on the birthday cake action…

I can’t get enough of that face!

An incredible neapolitan cake for the rest of us (made from scratch by Mika!)

The end result.

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