Halloween 2010 was not as eventful as years past, but it was kind of nice taking it easy at the same time. The two holiday-themed activities we participated in were dressing up Lola in costumes with her buddy Bailey and we also attended Barktoberfest at Kevin’s work Pet Camp.

Bailey the squirrel (minus the hat) and Lola the bumblebee patiently awaiting treats from Carleigh
Lola felt the fool in that squirrel costume, haha
But Carleigh sure liked it for herself! 😉

Barktoberfest is an event that Pet Camp puts on each year for the community. It was nice being able to see where Kevin spends a lot of his days at work. They set up hay bales, had hot dogs, a keg of beer, beer for dogs (meat flavored, of course) and dog pupsicles too (which I thought were for humans at first, glad Kevin told me before I made a fool of myself! haha)

We didn’t have any cute costumes for her so instead we safety-pinned my Oktoberfest chicken hat to her collar so it looked like the chicken was riding on her back. 😉 She made it onto their Pet Camp website blog for the day too–check it out here at this link
She loved jumping on the hay bale stacks
…and chewing on the pumpkin stalks of course (great source of fiber, I’ve been told).
Kevin with one of the dogs of the co-host, Adam, of Mythbusters TV show on the Discovery Channel. Kevin found out their warehouse where they film a lot of their shows is in SF not too far from us, pretty cool!
One of the poodles dressed as Mr. T, he had a mohawk, gold chain, and a shirt that said “I pity da fool”, ha!
The doggie pupsicles ready for consumption
Lola’s in doggie heaven

Though this year’s Halloween weekend wasn’t super exciting, it really was nice to take it easy and just enjoy time together (which has become a rare treat for us lately). Next year, though, it’s on! 😉

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  1. Lisa

    Yes she did! She loved showing me around Pet Camp where she and Kevin spend quite a bit of time at and I hadn't visited myself yet. 😉


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