Hike to Mt. Davidson

While Kevin was at work 🙁 Lola and I spent Halloween morning taking a hike up Mt. Davidson. The three of us took a hike up to the top before in May (check out the post at this link) and it had been quite some time since we visited so I thought that sunny Sunday was the perfect opportunity.

Lola overlooking the city

Sutro Tower in Twin Peaks

There is so much greenery on Mt. Davidson, you’d swear you were in a rainforest and not in the middle of San Francisco! That really is one of the most amazing things about this city–the tons of nature refuges within such a big, bustling city. Here are some nature shots:

Instead of “Where’s Waldo?”, Where’s Lola?

Lola taking a water break from the water collected in a fallen log

Happy dog!

For your viewing pleasure, a video clip of our hike (if you listen carefully you can hear the wet ground and Lola panting hard in the background!)

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