Heather’s bachelorette party

My lovely friend Heather who was in a sistahood with me at Redlands and who also went abroad to Nicaragua a few years after me decided to celebrate her upcoming wedding with a weekend in San Francisco! I was so happy to hear she’d be venturing out this way to celebrate so that I could definitely participate in the festivities. 🙂 They spent the whole weekend up here and I joined them on Saturday evening for some exciting bachelorette fun at AsiaSF.

AsiaSF is a superb venue for dinner and a show. The show was actually transgendered women who would dance on the bar every hour! The food was fantastic (duck quesadillas anyone?) and the ladies performances were extremely entertaining as well!

A very masculine doorman in his blue cowboy boots

The happy bachelorette (and Willy)

The group

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the ladies of AsiaSF…


I would love to come back sometime–just gotta save some dough for that night since it’s a wee bit pricey.

Afterwards we went to their hotel (which just so happened to be the same hotel my friend Maya stayed in that I visited) for some fun bachelorette themed games.

Heather in the middle with all of the Redlands girls
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