Our forties photo shoot

As most of you know, Kevin and I went back in time for a forties-themed photo shoot the weekend after Thanksgiving.  A little background on how this came to be: Lindsey, a friend from high school, is now a professional photographer and I’ve followed her blog for a while now.  Some time last year she had a little contest that if you commented on the blog you would be entered to win a free photo shoot…and I randomly won!  I never win anything so I was surprised beyond belief.  Soon after winning the contest she moved back down to Southern California and I was afraid we may never get to have our photo shoot.  In early October, Lindsey e-mailed me letting me know that she’d be in the Bay Area for a few other photo shoots and luckily we were able to schedule a session!  I thought it would be so fun to do a forties-themed photo shoot (instead of us dressed in matching cardigans, haha) and we spent a good month or so researching outfits and putting things together piece by piece either through online stores or local thrift shops.  We were pretty happy with the final result.

And of course I enlisted the help of my amazing sister to do my makeup and hair (because goodness knows what I would’ve turned out to look like if she hadn’t been there to make me over!)  I can’t thank that girl enough for making me look damn good.  🙂

Sisters all done up!

We were pressed for time and were extremely nervous leaving our apartment with only 30 minutes to get to our destination in the city.  Without traffic, we could be there in 20 minutes.  But it was a Saturday afternoon and traffic can be INSANE getting across the bridge at that time.  We got so lucky and arrived to meet Lindsey only a few minutes late.

Our adorable chauffeur

My hope was to take some fun photos on Embarcadero near some of the piers, I thought it would look very timely for our 40s shoot.  But I didn’t realize that at 4pm (my favorite time of day to take photos in the soft sunlight), all of the tall buildings downtown would cast shadows along the piers.  Boo!  But Lindsey made it work and had us take our photos in Levi’s Plaza Park, a great little garden area (Kevin and I took Lola to this park once and had a great time).

We had Coit Tower looming overhead as we readied ourselves for an hour session in the cold (I hope my goosebumps don’t show in the photos! Hahah).

Dorothy and George came along for the ride (or was it for Zante’s Indian pizza we promised them that evening…hmmm?) and Dorothy snapped some good shots over Lindsey’s shoulder…

Leaning in for a smooch!

We had a bit of an audience throughout the shoot as well

I was afraid Kevin might drop me, haha! Luckily, we both survived.

We had SUCH an amazing experience and cannot thank Lindsey enough for her generosity.  I am beyond excited to see the final photos once she’s finished processing/editing them (fingers crossed it’ll be before Christmas!)  If you’re in Southern California and want some amazing family photos, maternity photos, baby photos, wedding photos, or even a fun boudoir session, all you need to do is spend five minutes perusing her portfolio on her website to see her work speak for itself.  We highly recommend her!  🙂

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  1. Dorothy Edmonds

    It was defiantly a fun time and I can’t wait to see the finished pictures. You and Kevin looked soooo good.

    1. Lisa

      I’m so glad you were there to take photos!! It was so much fun and I’m glad you two were there for the experience. 🙂


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