Sirena’s ABC book

I got a great idea for a homemade Christmas gift on the internet and just finished it so I thought I’d share!  I made an ABC book using photos of Sirena and other fun things she will be able to relate to to help her become familiar with the ABCs.  As you might’ve guessed, her buddy Lola made the most appearances in the book.

This is one of her Christmas gifts…shh, don’t tell her yet!  🙂

Click on the collages to enlarge the photos.

5 observations on “Sirena’s ABC book
  1. Lisa

    Thank you ladies!!
    And you’re totally right, Judith, it’s like a mini scrapbook of the year, what a great idea! Maybe next Christmas I’ll actually make a mini scrapbook with one photo for each month, what a fantastic idea. 🙂


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