Fall festivities

We have been thoroughly enjoying Sirena’s first fall holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Our little pumpkin was an elephant for her first Halloween, thanks to her Aunt Judith and cousin Katelyn for the costume!!  And she was actually quite cooperative with wearing the whole ensemble on a number of occasions.

First trip to the pumpkin patch!

She needed some extra fiber in her diet and found the straw to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

She even let mama take the costume out for a spin.

The same weekend we visited the pumpkin patch we decided to make a visit to an historic cemetery that was just around the corner (what more perfect Halloween activity could you ask for??)  It was absolutely gorgeous and we’ve made the trip back a number of times since, it’s a great place to go for a long walk!

Mama’s birthday was actually the day we went to the pumpkin patch and cemetery…that night we celebrated like big kids and went to eat a four course meal at the restaurant Jessie works at.  We took Sirena along for the late-night meal and although it took her a while to get snuggled in and sleeping, eventually she snoozed on mama’s chest like a good baby.  And she wore her flamingo pj’s for the occasion!

And Thanksgiving, although not the traditional big ordeal, was a lot of fun with Auntie Jessie and some of her friends.  Sirena skipped out on the fixin’s (she said she was juuuuust fine with a glass of milk) but next year she’ll be ready!

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