Sunny Sunday at Crissy Field

Today was a beautiful, hot sunny day in San Francisco so what better way to spend the afternoon than at Crissy Field with Kevin, Jessie and Lola? Crissy Field is in the Presidio and is a great dog beach right near the Golden Gate bridge. Though Lola had experienced the water at Granite Creek where we went camping in August, she hadn’t fully immersed herself in the water because it was so cold there. So this was the first time that Lola went all in and she absolutely loved it! It took her a little while and some prompting from Kevin to go deep into the water where she couldn’t touch the ground, but once she did there wasn’t any stopping her! She had a blast playing fetch and stomping and splashing around and I know that we’ll be back many more times!

Doesn’t look like much of a sunny day, eh?? The fog started coming in pretty strong by the time we got out there, but luckily it was still warm out.

Normally, that’s a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge…

Kevin playing fetch with the Lola-meister
Lola giving Auntie Jessie some kisses

Love this action shot!

Our first family photo

Me and Jess

Cutie pie Lola coming to give her mama a kiss!

Video of Lola swimming at the beach

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