Big changes! Our first home and Sirena’s first day at preschool

After 10 months of living in my Mom and Aunt Tina’s garage (all of us–me, Kevin, Sirena, and Lola) and savingsavingsaving we finally signed the papers for our first home just days after Christmas! What made it extra special was that we purchased a close family friend’s home which I had been visiting since middle school and the home is in a neighborhood just minutes from both of Sirena’s grandparents. The process was a lot smoother than the horror stories we’ve heard and we were beyond elated to finally hold the keys to our very first home.

The home was move-in ready which was great, we just spent a week painting, cleaning, and moving all of our junk in.


Sirena holding the keys to our first home!


Welcome home!!


I think she’s a fan of the house.


Enjoying her new big girl bedroom


We just showed her the closet door we painted with chalkboard paint, she was so excited.


A girl and her dog in their new backyard


Sirena’s first day at preschool…

IMG_2598 - Copy

Out front before going in. She wasn’t sure what was quite in store for her yet!

The preschool director sent us photos throughout the day her very first day. Made it just a tad less hard to be away from her!




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