An amazing opportunity

I have some exciting news to share about an amazing opportunity that just recently landed in my lap! On Monday I am going to be starting my Master’s of Education in Teaching program through the university I work for…for FREE!!!

I knew that I would one day want to pursue my MAE degree, but never thought that it would happen anytime in the immediate future–mostly because of the cost. Being a staff member at Alliant, I am able to take one course per term for FREE and be able to apply them towards a degree. Amazing!! I feel so fortunate to have gotten this job that enabled us to move here to SF and now it’s enabling me to pursue a degree in higher education which will be extremely beneficial when I become a teacher (not only because of the things I will learn and be able to apply to the classroom, but because teachers are paid on a scale depending on the number of years you’ve taught and on the number of post-baccalaureate units, so with my MAE degree I’ll be automatically starting at a higher pay scale).

The program is all online, so it’ll be convenient for me and my work schedule. My supervisor is extremely supportive of my desire to continue my education through Alliant and I appreciate this opportunity so much! I’m a bit nervous to start school again (I didn’t think I’d have to do any homework for some time, but next week I hit the books again!) but I know I’ll do great.

Yesterday I worked at our campus’ commencement ceremony which was held at Fort Mason (a gorgeous venue for a graduation!) and I couldn’t help imagining myself walking across the stage in a couple of years getting “hooded” with my MAE hood, and receiving my hard-earned MAE degree!

I’m really excited to start this new journey…wish me luck! 🙂

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  1. Jack and Friends

    congrats lisa! I work the NU commencement every year as well and it is such a rewarding day! totally makes every minute worth it to be able to see people graduate!


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