Pre-Christmas festivities

We had lots of pre-Christmas festivities leading up to the big day–here are some of the highlights!

Cookie Exchange party
I was invited to my boss’ Cookie Exchange party. I had to bring 6 dozen cookies (or the equivalent–I brought 6 pounds of Mexican Chocolate Fudge!)–I shared 1 dozen at the party and then got to take home 5 dozen cookies! Yowzas. There was a taste contest too and my fudge won Most Delicious! Not bad for my first time trying to make fudge. It really did turn out amazing–the recipe is at this link if you’re interested (super easy!)

I made one version with sea salt…mmm!!!

Decorating Carleigh & Scott’s Christmas tree
This year Carleigh got her first Christmas tree ever! Since we don’t have the room in our apartment to put up a tree, I let them borrow some of our ornaments and we enjoyed decorating the tree, eating dinner and baking cookies together–and you know we had to include a doggie photo shoot (with doggie costumes and everything!)

The final product
Lola gave Bailey a pair of antlers for Christmas and they enjoyed modeling them for us
The antlers didn’t last long, as you can imagine…

Christmas card photo shoot
This year we decided to join the club and send out Christmas cards and I knew I had to take a cute photo of Lola to include. I wore her out at the park playing fetch so that she would wear her (homemade, bootleg) antlers and not fuss with them. I posed her on a red blanket on our bed with a little “Reindeer Food” bag I’ve had a few years and -voila!- adorable Christmas card. 😉

Dinner with the Dobsons
Jessie came into town for dinner with the Dobson family–the family she used to nanny for and that we had gotten close to in the process. They’ve got four boys under the age of 10 so any family gathering is entertaining when the Delmar girls join the mix! 😉 Lots of laughs (and lots of wine) made for a wonderful evening.

Dog pile Jessie!

Lola’s special delivery
Among all of the wonderful Christmas cards we received in the mail, there was one that was just addressed to “Lola Edmonds” and we were delighted to find an edible Christmas card for her made out of rawhide! She LOVED the card and thoroughly enjoyed tearing it to pieces. 😉
Thanks Judith and Dorothy!

Christmas in San Jose
Jessie invited us and our friend Lisa to enjoy some Christmas spirit San Jose style.

Mars getting some well-deserved attention…

Festive wear was donned…

First, a hooping show by Jess…

Then a drive downtown…

Nothing says “Christmas cheer” quite like a frightening 8 foot rat

Ice skating…

Not only do I suck at ice skating, I can never lace up my own shoes! Thanks Kev for tying my shoes for me. 🙂

Jess showing off her moves
The only time I wasn’t hugging the wall was when Kevin took my hand. Reminder to self: Save the $20 ticket and shoe rental and just watch from the sidelines next time! haha

Action shot! This picture cracks me up!

Christmas in the Park…

And to end the night? A bottle of champagne at Jessie’s wine bar, Enoteca la Storia in Los Gatos…

All it takes to get Kevin to smile in photos is a little bubbly, apparently. 😉

If our pre-Christmas festivities were any indication of how Christmas itself would actually be, we were in for a good time! 🙂

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