Mini apartment makeover

In early December I was getting an itch to change things around in our apartment–so one day while Kevin was at work I got to work on moving furniture! That in turn inspired us to go to Ikea for some shelves for our kitchen and before we knew it the whole apartment was changed a bit!

The before photos of our apartment (from when we first moved in) can be found at this link.

I rearranged the bed and armchair, switched out lamps, moved the bookshelf to the living room, and brought in the side table that had been next to our couch.

Living room:
I brought in the bookshelf from our bedroom and rearranged the corner area a wee bit.

Sleepy head Lola

I cleaned out all of our shelves (boy did that feel good!), we put up shelving, and cleared off a lot of our counter space. This was after being inspired by an amazing book signing/class I went to in November by Kami McBride and her new book “The Herbal Kitchen”–she inspired me to keep all of the herbs/spices within reach on the counter so that I’d be more inspired to use them in everyday cooking for their medicinal properties.

Top shelf: Flour, sugar, Kevin’s baking cookbooks (The Breadmaker’s Apprentice and The Art & Soul of Baking), pasta, brown rice, cake flour, brown sugar
Bottom: Lavendar, barley, coffee beans, my cookbooks (The Herbal Kitchen, Everyday Food, The Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook), quinoa, honey, barley, tea, polenta

I’m feeling so much better about our living space (isn’t it amazing how little changes can make such a big difference?), hope you enjoyed a mini tour of our apartment! 🙂

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  1. Linda

    Lisa, good job on the redeco – amazing what happens when you work with the space. it looks great. I've been going with the white bedding as well and love it – all he hotels are going that way now. Mama Jones


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