Pre-Halloween pumpkin party

My sister Jessie, Kevin and I hosted a small Pre-Halloween pumpkin-themed party in mid-October.  The plan?  Make/bring food that centered around the glorious pumpkin.  And boy did we have some good food!

The menu:

Appetizers: pumpkin hummus, sliced apples and ginger snaps with pumpkin pie dip, medjool dates with chopped walnuts and dark chocolate

Dinner: vegan pumpkin pistachio pasta, vegan pumpkin pizza, vegan smoky braised Mexican pumpkin over brown rice

Dessert: pumpkin bread, vegan pumpkin brownies (this recipe is AMAZING!!)

The spread!

The pups working hard to look cute in hopes of some snacks

Couple of beggars

We had a yummy time eating our way through the pumpkin food and boy were we stuffed at the end.  Lola was wiped out as well…

The tired little hostess

For the party Kevin and I got some decorative mini pumpkins to put on the table and Lola could not let them alone.  So the next day I decided to let her check one out and she was in heaven…

Chewing the stem: her favorite part

Mouth full of pumpkin

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