Bringing Lola home

I went to work early yesterday and ate through my lunch just so I could meet Kevin at the SF Animal Control Center to pick up our Lola! The whole process only took 10 minutes and when they brought her out her tail was a-waggin’ and she was all smiles for us. We walked her out to our car but it seems she’s never been in a car before because she didn’t know exactly what to do with herself!

Yes, the Animal Control Center is on Treat Street!

Lola getting ready to go for a joy ride

Can you tell Kevin’s excited about his new little girl?

So happy to finally have her!

Lola checking out her backyard

Turns out she loves water!

Loving her new Loofah Dog toy

Learning how to walk on a leash (she’s getting better at it!)

Ahhh, nap time after an exciting day!

3 observations on “Bringing Lola home
  1. Cora

    We, your Dad and I are glad and happy you guys are enjoying SF. Well we hope that our dog and your dog will meet one of these days and they can enjoy their company. Hope everything with you and Kevin are okay and looking forward to seeing you guys when we visit SF again.
    Congratulations to the new additions to your family and she is really cute and I hope we can have an additional later (a baby) to pamper.



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