We’re new parents!

…okay I know this might have scared a few people with the title of this blog posting (don’t worry, we didn’t have a baby and not tell you about it!) but we’re now the proud parents of a gorgeous dog! She’s a 1 year and 3 month old German Shephard/Rottweiler mix bundle of joy!

On Sunday Kevin, Jessie and I went to check out the pups at the SPCA and the SF Animal Control Center. Though we found two dogs at the SPCA that we liked, they were a little too high energy for us (being that we’re in a brand new city, creating our new routines, and this will be our first dog together) so we decided to go next door to look at the dogs at the city’s Animal Control Center. There weren’t many we were too excited about until we got to “Geronimo’s” cage. She was a beautiful, medium-sized spunky girl that we decided to meet one-on-one in their “Get Acquainted” room. After ten minutes of sitting with her, rubbing her belly and playing fetch with her we were smitten! Here’s a video of us playing with her in the room:

So we went to the front desk to start the process. We needed our landlord to verify that he allows us to have pets but he was out of town so wasn’t calling them back right away. And they wouldn’t put a hold on her like the SPCA would have done, so we started to worry a bit. This morning he still hadn’t called so we were getting more and more nervous as the hours passed. Luckily I was able to get through to him and he called them and gave us permission! So Kevin rushed over to the center to pay her adoption fee and to claim her as ours and barely made it before they closed for the night. The craziest thing was that as he walked in, “Geronimo” was being walked out with another couple who were interested in her!! So he went right up to her and gave her a pet and told them that she was ours. 🙂 Too bad for them! (Just glad that didn’t happen to us!!) So Kevin really did make it just in time. So he paid the fee and she’s going to be spayed in the next 2-3 days then she’s officially ours! I can’t WAIT to bring her home! We signed her up for training classes and tomorrow we’re going to go out and buy her the necessities so that we’re ready to bring her home later this week!

And don’t worry, we’re not going to keep the name “Geronimo” (who the heck decided to name a female dog Geronimo, anyways?) My sister Jessie helped us pick a name…Lola!

This came from the SF Animal Control Center’s website the day after we adopted her! 🙂

5 observations on “We’re new parents!
  1. brianne

    she's so cute… i'm really happy for you both. i know you have wanted a dog for a long time. Yay! Can wait to see your new home and meet your new baby! :0)

  2. kmitchell01

    So cute- but Anne may be upset that you stole her dog Lola's name. She has a golden retriever named Lola- did you ever meet her? Good girl dog name. Not as good as Lucy though! Hehe! Fun, fun! Enjoy your baby!!

  3. Daddio

    I see that Misty has a new cousin in LOLA! She really looks like a nice dog. I can see how you fell in love with her. Now you are probably counting the days till she comes home.

    Congratulations on the new family addition. (grandkids would be fine too)LOL


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