A baby story: Week 15

Week 15: Baby’s the size of an apple!

Things are slowly chugging along in the baby world over here.  It’s an interesting time, though, because I feel like I’m in somewhat of a limbo period.  It’s only been the past day or two that I’ve felt any sort of real bump developing and I can’t feel any movement of the wee one yet so I just feel like I’m waitingwaitingwaiting for something to happen.  But I hear that once the bump really starts growing it will all start to happen so quickly.

I’ve been making some strides on the nursery this week too which feels really great.  I’ve got a project I’m working on that will go up on the wall and I can’t wait to share it here for you to see!  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  And Kevin and I made our first baby purchase this week as well…a book for Sirena’s library!  We haven’t purchased any baby stuff yet but we felt we couldn’t pass up this one.  We’ve made a couple of trips to Babies ‘R Us to check out the overwhelming aisles and aisles of baby crap and we’ve been looking on Craigslist for some furniture as well since we don’t want to go completely broke once the little lady makes her appearance.  We’ve got lots of cleaning and organizing to do in the guest bedroom, though, before we really start turning it into a baby space, but I’m really looking forward to this project!

Belly shot

My sister is hanging out at my apartment tonight and it wasn’t until this evening that I really feel like I’ve got an actual baby bump (and not just a chubby Lisa bump) in progress.  When I push down gently on my lower abdomen there is a firmness just under the surface that is most definitely not abdominal muscles, haha.  Jessie felt it and she agrees that the tummy is making real progress!

This week I made my first maternity clothes purchase with some Old Navy maternity jeans, seen in the photos below.  Most of the time I’m fine with my DIY maternity jeans (my regular jeans with a little something added to it) but when I sit down for long periods of time it really bothers me so I’m looking forward to more comfort with these jeans.  And hopefully they’ll last throughout the pregnancy (fingers crossed!)

I think this is an actual baby bump, people!

Lola’s always gotta make some sort of appearance in these photos, I swear!

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: -3 lbs (I’m starting to get a little anxious and for the first time in my life I hope that the number on the scale starts to go up, never thought I’d ever think that!)
  • Number of hours spent on Pinterest, pinning nursery and baby ideas: Countless! That website is addicting but it fulfills my neurotic need for organizing all of the ideas I have for her and her room. If you have an account, follow me so we can share some pins!
  • Food aversions: Same ol’ cooked pumpkin/squash, not sure why but that’s the one thing that sounds so disgusting to me
  • Food cravings: Anything made with tomato sauce!
  • Long Beach-area restaurants I can’t wait to eat at during the holidays (countdown to trip=4 days!): Lucille’s BBQ and Lola’s Mexican food, our two favorite go-to spots when we’re back at home 🙂
4 observations on “A baby story: Week 15
  1. Kimberly

    I TOTALLY lost weight at the beginning. It’s not strange at all. Don’t worry, it’ll start piling on and then you’ll miss those days of losing weight! Haha!

  2. Leela

    I agree – don’t worry about the weight. As long as you are healthy and baby is growing. I gained a total of 23 pounds with the twins and lost weight until I was about 20 weeks.


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