Drive up to SF

I left at 6:30am this morning and having never made the drive up north on my own, luckily it was a lot better than I was expecting! A little traffic here and there, but it was mostly smooth sailing until the Bay Bridge.

Feeling much more awake after a little Starbucks/Pleasant Valley State Prison, anyone?

Traffic?! I thought I was far from L.A./A view of the Bay Bridge

I got into the city around 1:30pm and met Jessie and her boyfriend Kindrid at Dolores Park.

What do people do with a sunny day up here? Head to the park!/Jessie and Kindrid

Jessie’s apartment (they’re on the top floor)/Her bedroom (isn’t she amazing??)

We went to check out one apartment near Golden Gate Park but it wasn’t what we’re really looking for. So Jessie and I spent the rest of the afternoon in her apartment, listening to old records and blogging! Tomorrow we’re going to hit some more apartments and have dinner with our dad who’ll be visiting. Then Monday I start my new job! 🙂

Sisters blogging away the afternoon
3 observations on “Drive up to SF
  1. Brianne

    Yay! I'm glad you made it safely! I'm already excited about coming up and visiting… who knows when, but I’m excited! :0)

  2. Brianne

    Oh Lisa—
    What's that photographer's name on flicker that you were telling me about yesterday? Can you send me a link to her work? I'm interested in viewing her other photos. Thx

  3. clay & KD Chadbourne

    Hi Lisa –
    KD let me know of your plans after she left for her first vacation trip. We would have loved to have dinner with you at Sweetie Thai; right up the street from us. We should make the official going away party.
    Glad your trip was uneventful and you arrived and found your sister.
    You never did say what your new job is??

    We'd love to come up and visit all the family too!
    Uncle Clay


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