Our new apartment!

My sister and I looked at six apartments over the weekend, but there was one that I really liked and I applied for. Today I got the phone call from our new landlord letting me know that we got the offer! 🙂

It’s an in-law unit (basically the basement of someone’s house that’s been made into an apartment) that has one bedroom, a full kitchen, living/dining room, full bathroom, and a yard…and the absolute best thing about it…we can have a dog!! We’re going to wait to get our new bundle of joy until Kevin gets a part-time job, but I’ll definitely keep you in the loop.

The neighborhood it’s in is the Portola District in southeast SF. It’s not the prime location, I’ll be honest, but the more I read about it and drive around the more I feel like it might be the perfect location for us to get our feet wet in SF.

Here are some photos of the new place!

The main house is the dark brown one in the middle,the entrance to our apartment is just to the right of their main staircase

The outside of our apartment (the black gate is the entrance [goes into the kitchen] and the window is to our living room)

The living room/dining room (the window looks out onto the patio)

The bathroom
The bedroom

The back patio (not much to look at but the landlord says they don’t use it often so we might do some gardening and
put a table/chairs out for get-togethers!

5 observations on “Our new apartment!
  1. Kimberly

    Awww, the place looks great! I'm so excited for you and Kevin 🙂 How are you liking SF so far?? I think that's great you'll be so close to your sister. There's going to be TONS of great times a head of you babe. I wish you guys lots of luck and happiness on this new chapter in your lives. Love you.

  2. Brianne

    Oh, Yay! It looks like a nice neighborhood. Kevin was showing Brian and I the pictures when you sent them to him. So, when do you move in? Are you going to wait till Kevin comes in July? I'm excited for you both!

  3. Linda

    You lucked out – it looks nice. New dog? Que, que? You have a dog-gone dog, his name is Luke Skywalker – hint, hint. Momma Jones AKA Jonesy

  4. Angela Rhodes

    What a great apartment!
    It sounds like you're on an exciting adventure! I have always wanted to live in San Fran! Maybe one day *dreams* 🙂


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