Lola vs. the duck pond

Kevin and I spent the past amazingly gorgeous and warm Sunday at McLaren park in our neighborhood.  It’s a quick 10 minute walk from our apartment and it really is one of the hidden gems in San Francisco.

We started out with a walk around the duck pond

Lola keeping a close eye on the ducks swimming in the pond

We let her sit at the edge of the pond and when Kevin called her to get her to start walking away with us he said “Okay Lola, let’s go” but of course the only word she heard was “Okay” and, in an instant, she jumped head first into the duck pond!  It happened so fast I wasn’t really sure what happened until I saw Kevin pulling her out of the pond!

Wet dog

Trying to shake off some of the pond scum.  Let’s just say we didn’t let her get close to us the rest of the afternoon and gave her a bath outdoors the minute we got home.

The park has some great trails and boardwalks throughout along with so many picnic tables hidden amongst the trees.

Kev and Lola on the boardwalk

A beautiful old tree

The hillside

Once at the top of the park (it was a pretty steep climb up from the street level) we spread out our blanket in a small field of wildflowers and soaked in some sun.

My idea of heaven, a blanket on the grass in the sun

The view from where we were laying

Me and K trying to get a tan!

A photo I took from an old tree stump–me, Kevin and Lola laying out on the blanket, enjoying each other’s company

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