Movie/pool night at Brando’s

Our family friend Brandon lives in San Bruno and invited us to his apartment for some dinner, pool time and a movie night.

Brandon’s caprese salad

Jessie showing off our caesar salad and spinach/strawberry/poppyseed salad.  We also had some amazing mac ‘n cheese made by Jess and sweet potato fries made by Matt.

Brando and Matt sharing a seat

It was Mother’s Day so we Skyped with Brando’s mom (and my second mom) Diane along with his dad Dave and brother Matt.

Dave showing off the roses from his garden

After stuffing ourselves silly we headed downstairs to the pool!

We could only handle the pool for a little bit so rushed over to the hot tub to warm up (and take some group shots)…

Matt, Brandon and Jess

After soaking in the water for a time we decided to dry off and chow down on some fudge brownies that Kevin and I made.

Kevin under water

After pruning up a bit we decided to head back to the apartment to watch a movie.  Our choice?  “White Noise 2” (which was good for a laugh!)

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