Bay to Breakers 12k

My brother Derek and I ran in the centennial race of the Bay to Breakers 12k on Sunday 5/15–it was the first time that we ran a race together and I was so excited when he decided to run it with me!

The day before the race Derek, Kevin and I headed over to the B2B Expo to pick up our race bibs.

We saw Dean Karnazes!  He’s the “ultra marathon man” who recently ran 50 marathons in all 50 states in 50 days!!

It was so cool seeing our names right next to each other

We had fun in the historical exhibit, showcasing 100 years of the race…

Me and Derek next to the infamous pink gorilla costume

Posing next to the 1983 shirt (the year I was born)

Derek not so happy about the lavender/pink 1986 shirt (the year he was born)

On the way back to the car we noticed this frightening sight…a random woman’s photo in a drain pipe.  Wtf?!

Race morning!  We were up bright-and-early to jump on the BART downtown to meet with all of the other runners.  It was really cool being on the train full of runners, some even in costume.

Beautiful morning!  Luckily the rain stopped for race day.

Sun breaking through the clouds over the Bay Bridge, minutes before the start of the race

Derek’s race number (out of 55,000 participants…he JUST made it!)

We felt like cows being herded to the starting line.  Some folks decided it would be a good idea to bring bags and bags full of corn tortillas to fling amongst the crowd.  Nothing like flying tortillas to pump up a crowd, I guess.

The aftermath

Starting line!  Only 7.5 miles to go…

There were TONS of characters I saw along the way…

A group of people dressed in tighty whities

Flight attendants along the road directing the traffic


Escaped prisoners from Alcatraz


Salmon (running upstream)

Mahna Mahna muppets

Up the awfully steep Hayes Street hill…

But at the top I was rewarded with the smiling face and the cheers of my co-worker Jayme!  She even made me a sign saying “Go Lisa!”, so sweet!  She and her husband came down from Marin County to visit with a friend who lives off of Alamo Square park so had front row seats to the race.

Me and Jayme

The “Up” characters


Oompa Loompas

As I was nearing Golden Gate Park I finally saw my sister Jessie!  And within a few minutes of our visit we saw my brother pass us by too!  What perfect timing.

Running through Golden Gate Park

Mile 7!!


The ocean, so close to the end!

The finish line!

Derek finished in 1 hour, 6 minutes and I finished in 1 hour, 34 minutes.  Go us!

You can see our finish line photos here (my bib # is 47906 and Derek’s bib # is 54982).

You can also see a video clip of us crossing the finish line here!  For some reason the first video clip shown isn’t of us, but if you just wait it out for a minute or so and let the video refresh on its own you’ll see us cross the finish line about 30 seconds later!  You have to look us up individually by our bib numbers.

Gorilla dad and kids at the finish line

So unfortunately Derek and I hadn’t come up with a meeting place for after the race.  I had my cell phone on me so was able to get in touch with Jessie but we had no way of getting a hold of Derek!  And with 55,000+ people there, it was proving almost impossible to find him.  We searched for at least an hour and Jess and I decided to just sit on a rock on the side of the road in hopes that we see him…and within 10 minutes guess who came walking by!

Proud finishers with our commemorative medals…

We then shuffled our way to breakfast at the Bashful Bull diner.

Derek and Jess

Such a beautiful day!  The view of Bernal Hill from our apartment.

Lola getting some lovin’ from her Auntie Jessie

I was so incredibly sore after the race so after taking showers we all took a nap (in typical Delmar kid style!)  It was so much fun running the B2B race, especially since Derek was there with me and Jess was there to cheer us on!  We’ve got plans to run it (all three of us, and hopefully in costume) next year!  🙂

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