Our first "guest" at Hotel Lisa & Kevin

One of my brother’s best friends who has become a great friend of ours as well came to visit this past weekend. Emily drove up on Friday to see a friend’s play up in Oakland on Sunday, so all day Saturday we hung out together exploring the city. Saturday morning we went to the Alemany Farmer’s Market just a short distance from our apartment. We had heard that this was one of the best farmer’s markets in the city, so we were excited to visit. We got some delicious peaches, strawberries, bok choy, green beans and dates (don’t be jealous!)

Mid-day we decided to do some touristy things and made a visit to Lombard Street and then over to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park (mostly because it was the cheapest admission we could find! Only $5 admission versus $20-50!) The garden was absolutely gorgeous and I just wish there had been more to see to make spending more time there worth it.

Then we met up with my sister and her friend Meredith who was in town from Long Beach as well and Jessie’s boyfriend Kindrid and his friend Justin to see a movie in the park at Union Square! We saw Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” and it was such a neat experience, putting down blankets and enjoying some drinks and snacks right in the middle of Union Square.

It started raining before the movie started (can you see the raindrops on my shoulder?)
Luckily it stopped 20 mins. before the movie started!

Me, Emily and Kevin all bundled up

Justin, Kindrid, Jessie and Meredith

Beautiful sunset in SF!

Lying down, all bundled up (and yes, I did end up falling asleep! I guess I’m not a
big Woody Allen fan after all 😉 )
4 observations on “Our first "guest" at Hotel Lisa & Kevin
  1. Linda

    Wow some of the photos are like postcards, of course I love photos with all "my chilins" but the 1st one with the bird is awesome. You and Jess have my photographic "ojo" (eye for the Spanishly impaired). Momma Jones aka Linda


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