North Beach & Chinatown

On Fridays I get to leave the office early (awesome!!) so Kevin took the bus and met me at work so we could do some exploring out that way. We took a few minute bus ride out to North Beach (it’s reminiscent of Little Italy in NY) and Chinatown.

The sights of North Beach…this is part of my favorite mural that I see everyday on the bus going into work

We ate at the Original US Italian restaurant (weird name but good food!) but were too full to enjoy some Italian pastries unfortunately! We then visited City Light Books, an amazing independent book store

Having spent a good amount of time in Chinatown in LA there wasn’t too much to look at
at SF’s Chinatown, but it’s nice to say we’ve been there!

Afterwards we met up with my sister Jessie at one of her favorite spots called Cafe Gratitude. It’s a raw food restaurant and if you were to think of a stereotypical San Francisco restaurant this would be it! To give you an idea of what I mean, all of the menu items start with “I am…”, so a salad you get could be “I am lovely” and your drink could be “I am sunshine”…then when the server hands it to you she’ll say “You are lovely” or “You are sunshine”. It’s definitely an experience! The food is so delicious (as you can see from the pictures) and you really do leave feeling good (which is a great sign for a restaurant!) We’ll definitely be going again!

L: Jessie waiting outside the cafe for us, R: Slurping down her “I am Eternally Youthful” drink (almond milk)

L: Jessie’s “I am Whole” with kale, quinoa, etc., R: My “I am Lovely” a seasonal fruit cobbler

T: “What are you grateful for?” is painted on each plate, B: I really like their sign (though I can’t take credit for this great photo, this comes from their website!)
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