Kevin’s Kitchenaid

A couple of weeks ago Kevin passed the final oral and practical exam needed to earn his aircraft mechanics certification!  It was a wonderful end to a big chapter in our lives.

We’ve come a long way since the middle of his second semester when I posted this short post about him aceing his midterm.  Two years of schooling, Monday through Friday evening, plus Kevin working Saturdays and Sundays.  I can sit here and lament about how awful it was without him but I can only imagine how hard it was on him working/going to school 7 days a week.  And now that his final exams are done, he’s now a certified aircraft mechanic!

So shortly after he aced his exam we went out to our local home goods store to purchase something that Kevin’s had his eye on for years to celebrate…a Kitchenaid mixer!

And of course I documented his first attempt at making cookies using it…

Kevin taking his Kitchenaid out for its maiden voyage!

A true baker requires lots of tools

Lola waiting (in vain) for a bit of cookie dough

Mmm mmm mmm!

So I forgot to take a photo of the finished product (chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies) but just take my word for it that they were amazing.

How I love that little baker aircraft mechanic of mine.

Somewhat related to Kevin’s baking…but probably not enough of a story to make into it’s own post…

For Kevin’s birthday in early September I tried my hand at making a New York cheesecake and I’m happy to report it turned out pretty darn good!

I followed this recipe to the T and we were super happy with the results.

Not too shabby, eh?

Check out that golden crust, mmm mmm mmm!

The happy birthday boy

Oh how I wish we had some leftovers tonight! 🙂

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