Proud wife

I just wanted to take a moment to tell the world how proud I am of Kevin. As you all know he’s in the Aviation Mechanics program at City College of Alameda (he’s in the middle of his second semester of four total semesters) and he has once again ACED his test! Each week they have quizzes on Friday and I think it’s only been 1-2 times he’s gotten lower than 100% (and then it was only like 98%). Tonight he got the results back from his mid-term that he took last Thursday and he got 100%!!!!

I’m so proud of him and just wanted to tell the world. 🙂

Kevin, the future airplane mechanic!
(I don’t pretend to know Photoshop so this is my sad little photo edit 😉 )
4 observations on “Proud wife
  1. Daddio

    That's great Kevin. Keep up the good work!

    Now I know who I will call when I need some repairs on my plane. lol

  2. Aunk Kathy

    You go Kevin! I'm glad to hear that the classes are going well. They are lucky to have such an enthusiastic learning in their program. Lisa, good try with the "Photoshop-ing" ;-))


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