Our new hobby: Rock climbing!

Kevin and I decided to check out a local rock climbing gym to see what all the fuss was about and soon found ourselves in love with a new sport!

We’re now members of the Touchstone Climbing association and so far we’ve only climbed/used the gym facilities at the Great Western Power Company site in Oakland (it’s less than a mile from our house just on the other side of the lake…we even ran to/from the gym one day for a workout.  Yeah, we’re hardcore).

About a month ago we took Jessie on a guest pass and had a good time climbing with her…

View from inside the gym, the large gray tower to the left is an old smokestack that measures 150 feet tall

We decided to start out with some bouldering (climbing a short wall without being attached to any ropes and with a drop mat at the bottom)

Kevin doing some interesting moves

Jess taking a break to smile for the camera

Wouldn’t you know, me and Jess bought the same rock climbing shoes! Hahah.

Getting strapped in! Until we’re “pros” we have to show the staff that we know how to rope up as both a climber and as the one who is belaying the climber

Jessie making her way up the wall (she got a little over half way!)

Me making my way up. I had a little harder time this day so only made it up about half way (maybe a little less). I think there are good days and bad days when it comes to climbing, just like with every physical activity!

Kevin on his way to the top!

He did it! He’s a total natural.

2 observations on “Our new hobby: Rock climbing!
  1. Kimberly Lopez

    I love it! That looks so fun! I remember having to rock climb in Costa Rica when we zip-lining and it is HARD! Even with someone helping you out a little. Good for you!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Kimmy! Yes we’re totally addicted now. It’s extremely trying but totally worth the effort once you make it to the top (or, in my case, to the middle, haha).


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