A baby story: Week 31

Week 31: Baby’s the size of a pineapple!

This week I’ve been feeling a lot more, well, pregnant.  It’s amazing how it kind of just happened–the belly seems to be a ton heavier and every time I see my reflection in a window or mirror I pass by I am astonished to see how big I’m getting.  But the crazy thing is…I’ve got a ton more growing to do in the next 6-9 weeks!

Not too much has been going on this week other than the first Childbirth Prep class we attended over the weekend at Kaiser.  Four hours of being educated on the birth process didn’t go by fast, to say the least, but it was super informative and it is definitely making us a lot more excited for the big day!  We focused a lot on natural techniques for pain management and the videos we watched were all of natural, unmedicated births which were inspiring to see.  All of the mamas in attendance also got lucky with the hands-on massage techniques practiced by our partners…Kevin was a natural and I know that he will be so great when the time comes for him to put his new skills to use!  🙂

Although Kevin learned a lot from the class, I think the four hour long class took its toll around hour two and he resorted to doodling in the book…see below:

“Don’t look down!”

Okay this is just…freaky.

Belly shots!

Here’s a photo of me at 18 weeks wearing the same shirt but it sure don’t look the same as this week!

Gotta show off my basketball of a daughter…

Lola was anxious to get in on the photo action again this week!

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained so far:  8 pounds
  • Fun baby developments this week:  She weighs around 3.5 pounds, measures around 16 inches long, and all five of her senses have fully developed!
  • Number of classes we have this week:  Two!  Tomorrow we’re going to the Breastfeeding class and Saturday is day two of the Childbirth Prep class.
6 observations on “A baby story: Week 31
  1. Kimberly

    The classes are interesting, right? The massage part was also my favorite although, with a c section, unfortunately I couldn’t use any of it…oh well.

  2. mauricio rivera urbina

    Felicidades por llegar con bien en la semana 31 , solo faltan 5 para que llegue el gran día , lo bueno es que te encuentras bien en todo este proceso . Espero que el día del parto todo sea normal , sin ningún contratiempo , seguiré informado . Saludes.
    PD : Sarah Crane una estudiante del SIT , que estuvo en nuestra casa antes de ti , también dió a luz , pero trillizos , su panza era enorme , ahora ya tiene 4 niños , que te parece.

    1. Lisa

      Muchas gracias, Mauricio! Tambien ojala que el gran dia del parto todo sea normal sin nigun contratiempo. 🙂 Wow, tres ninos?? Que fuerte la mama, no?


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