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A baby story: Week 19

Week 19: Baby’s the size of a mango!

The baby has gone through a major growth spurt this week and it’s been so fun and exciting feeling her developments…

The bubbles-in-the-tummy feeling has continued throughout the week and towards the end I started to feel a more pronounced kicking feeling.  The last couple of nights I’ve been sitting on the couch reading or watching tv and have felt a lot more action down yonder–one time when I put my hand there I actually felt an external kick!  I’ve tried to get Kevin to feel it but she hasn’t been cooperating too much yet.  🙂  I feel her the most after I eat and before I go to bed.  I can’t wait for Kevin to feel a good kick some day soon!

At one point in the middle of the night on Friday I rolled over and rubbed my stomach a bit like I generally do and felt a really hard spot on the right side of my stomach.  I woke Kevin up pretty abruptly (kinda scared him to be honest, oops) and told him to put his hand on my stomach to feel it and he definitely felt the hard lump which I can only assume is Sirena because it wasn’t there long after he felt it.  It was a little creepy but very cool overall!  It seems that she likes to hang out most on my right side…

Belly shot!

Significant bumpage this week, amiright?

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: 2 pounds (finally seeing some action on the scale this week)
  • Number of sleepless hours during the evening: This past week, on average, 1-2 hours per night I find myself wide awake and unable to go back to sleep.  So I find it quite hilarious when people warn me to “get as much sleep as you can now before the baby’s born” since this belly of mine isn’t allowing me to sleep a full night even now.  Not sure this is something I’ll find a lot of relief with in the months to come…!
  • Number of baby showers in the works: Two! We’re having our main one in Long Beach hosted by Kevin’s mom and sisters and we’re having one up here hosted by our good friend Carleigh for folks up this way.  This little girl’s gonna get a whole lotta lovin’ even before she’s born!
  • Days until our big 20 week ultrasound: One more day! Kevin’s mom and sister, Dorothy and Judith, are in town to be a part of it tomorrow morning and we cannot wait to see the lil’ lady on the big screen (that is, as long as she’s still a she).  Pictures to come as soon as we upload ’em!

A baby story: Week 18

Week 18: Baby’s the length of a bell pepper!

I can’t believe it…we’ve made it to 4.5 months!!  So many people have told me that it goes by so fast but I have to admit, it’s been going by fairly slow so far.  I think all of the worrying the first 3-4 months really made things drag on a bit.  I’m kind of a worrywart all on my own but with a little peanut-sized baby in utero and so many unknowns for so long, it started to get the better of me at times.  Even though the first trimester has come and gone and there are far less chances of anything major happening to the baby, I’m sure I’ll never stop worrying about this kiddo (and all of our kiddos) no matter how old they get.

On a lighter note…we’ve had some fun developments this week.

On Wednesday, Kevin and I went to our prenatal appointment.  We’re always surprised with how quick they are (only about 15 minutes with the doctor, and about 5-10 minutes of getting my vitals read [blood pressure, weight, urine, etc.]) but the highlight of this visit was hearing a good 30 seconds or so of our baby’s heartbeat.  That little whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound may be the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard.  🙂

Kinda strange to have this magnet up on our fridge!  The doctor gave it to us and said that starting at week 20 we can call that line if any issues arise (as of now we can only call the nurse’s advice line).  It’s becoming more and more real as the weeks go by!

Another development is that, although I’m still not outwardly showing too much yet, I definitely feel bigger and I have a feeling this may be the last week of my “normal” jeans.  At work they were just too damn uncomfortable sitting down for hours on end so I think I may have to say goodbye for the next 6-10 months (fingers crossed).

But the BIGGEST development by far this week is that…

drum roll please

…I think I felt the baby move!!!!

On Thursday, I was sitting at my computer at work and I felt a bubbly-type of feeling in my stomach.  I didn’t think much of it until it kept happening.  I stopped what I was doing and just paid close attention to what was going on and I realized, although it kind of felt like a gassy feeling, it wasn’t anything I had ever experienced before.  A lot of online pregnancy forums say that many new moms mistake the first feelings for just having gas so I was kind of anticipating that already.  And the majority of websites say that most women feel the baby between 16-20 weeks so we’re just about in the right time for it to happen.  I immediately called Kevin and told him the news and he was so excited!  The next day I felt the same type of feeling around the same time so I’m pretty darn sure that’s what’s going on in there.  All I gotta say is, keep on kicking little girl!

Belly shots!

Thought I’d do a front view this week, you can start to see more of a ball shape forming on my stomach. And if you look closely you can see a faint brown line from below my belly button.  This happens to a lot of pregnant women caused by hormones and will probably disappear a few months after the baby’s born.  (And you did notice Lola in the photo again, right?)

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: 0.5 pounds (even with all the feasting during the holidays!)
  • Food I’m craving this week: Falafels…I had them four times this week!  This and hummus has been the main thing that I continue to crave week after week.
  • Number of strollers we’ve inherited this week: Two!  A stroller with an infant car seat and two bases for our cars (from Kevin’s co-worker) and a jogging stroller so that I can get back into running (from my co-worker).  Jackpot!
  • Number of best girlfriends Sirena’s excited to meet so far: One!  Our good friends Kim and Frank are due on February 29 and just found out they’re having a little girl, Amelia Belle.  Yippee!
  • Number of days until our next ultrasound (the big one!): Eight!  We are so so so excited about this ultrasound…that’s when we’ll get confirmation that she’s a she (fingers crossed!) and to top it off Kevin’s mom and sister Judith are driving up to be part of it as well!

A baby story: Week 17

Week 17 (baby’s the size of an onion!)

The majority of week 17 was also spent in Long Beach surrounded by family and friends.  Most people were anxious to see some sort of belly on me and although a few people said that they could see some definite bumpage going on, I think it will be at least through January until an actual volleyball starts appearing.  🙂  I’ll be down for a quick 48-hour trip in February (on work’s dime since I have a meeting at our LA campus on a Friday and I just asked for a flight back from the LB airport on the Sunday following…love it!) so hopefully by then people will be able to see some more development in that department!

This little girl sure made out like a bandit this week for Christmas with lots of very generous family and friends obviously excited for her arrival.  Here’s the loot…

What do you think of our makeshift Christmas tree? I made it out of lights since we didn’t have the time to get a real tree this year (we’re going on year three of no Christmas tree…things will hopefully change in 2012 with little miss in the mix! 😉 )

From left to right: sea horse lullaby doll from work holiday party; “I love my Auntie” bibs and a giant box of diapers from Auntie Judith; rattle, “Daddy’s Little Sweetheart” onesie, and handmade baby blanket (made by Sirena’s late great-grandma Margie) all from Grandma Dorothy; lullaby cd from my Aunt Kathy; smaller bag of diapers from Thomas’ girlfriend Ashley, “La Reina” onesie and “American, with Mexican parts” bib from my mama; and a giant set of bibs from my friend Kimberly

This week my wonderful sister Jessie accompanied me on the ever-so-fun maternity clothes shopping trip.  I am not a big shopper so this task seemed very daunting to me–especially since I will be student teaching 5 days a week starting this month and I will need to dress professionally every single day (up until now I’ve gotten away with wearing jeans to work at least half of the week but not any longer!).  Luckily Jessie had recently accompanied her friend on a similar trip and she learned to not buy so much maternity-specific clothing but instead to buy long tops and flowing tops so that I’ll be comfortable and so that I won’t have to spend a fortune on maternity clothes (since I’ve realized anything labeled as “maternity” is almost automatically more expensive than normal-fitting clothes).  I’m kind of excited to change up my style a bit–cute boots, leggings, and dresses instead of jeans, a boring top, and “dress” shoes (kinda sad that it took getting pregnant to give me a kick in the rear to dress better for work, huh? Haha!)

Belly shot!

Trying on one of my new dresses and Lola in the background (as always…I swear she’s a little ninja or something, always sneaking into my belly shot photos one way or another, haha!)

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: I haven’t attempted the scale at all since before we left Oakland due to the overindulgence of the past week with the holidays. Until next week!
  • How I’m feeling: The exhaustion has returned it seems!  Just about everyday this past week I took an afternoon nap because I felt I couldn’t make it through the rest of the day without it.  Luckily we were on vacation so I had the opportunity to but next week when I’m back to work I won’t be able to so easily sneak away for a quick nap.  Hopefully my energy will return soon!
  • Days until our next prenatal visit: Three!  We’ve got our next appointment on Wednesday afternoon and will hopefully hear the heartbeat to make sure everything’s still a-okay in there.
  • What I’m most looking forward to this week (other than the prenatal visit): Cooking meals again! We’ve eaten out so much this past week in Long Beach and I cannot wait to get back in rhythm with my eating. And I’m sure Sirena’s looking forward to chowing down on healthier food as well. 🙂

A baby story: Week 16

Week 16: Baby’s the size of an avocado!

Last week our little lady made it through week 16 while visiting family and friends in Long Beach!  I’ll put up another post specific to Christmas festivities later this week but other than the holidays we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy down south.  Things in the pregnancy department have been same ol’, same ol’.  It’s been interesting while down here with so many things to do and so many distractions, I haven’t thought too much about it and haven’t been stressing myself out about being in this limbo period.  Once a week when I receive some pregnancy updates in my e-mail inbox (the ones from The Bump, Baby Center, and Babble are my favorites) I check out the message boards and it’s nice to read about other women in the same boat as me.  I can’t wait to start to feel Sirena moving around in the belly–they say it will start to feel like fluttering butterflies or a swimming fish at first.  Can’t wait!

We made a pretty major purchase this week which we’ve had our eyes on for months now that will make a huge difference when the baby arrives…a new car!  We’re keeping our 4-door Honda Civic but we had to trade-in our 2-door Ford Focus (which we loved and were sad to say bye to) for something a little bigger to fit a car seat, Lola, and all the baby junk.  We’ve gone to a few car dealerships in the past four months up north but the selection of larger cars is pretty minimal since most folks up north drive smaller sedans.  We decided to check out a dealership near Kevin’s parent’s house (the same one we purchased our Ford Focus at) since they had 150+ SUV-type used cars on the lot.  Kevin’s mom Dorothy tagged along and after 4 hours of negotiating we have our hands on a cute little 2008 Ford Edge!

Our little lady will be riding in style!

Lola checking out her new ride

The biggest news on the pregnancy front this week was that we made the public announcement to someone very special about Sirena’s middle name (which previously was kept a secret from most folks).

We decided to honor my mom and name Sirena after her so her name will be Sirena Linda which, in Spanish, translates to “beautiful mermaid”.  I bought her a picture frame and put in a photo of Sirena’s ultrasound then wrote “Sirena Linda” on the bottom.  We gave it to my mom as a Christmas gift and videotaped the reaction…I knew she would be emotional but nothing could have prepared me for her reaction!  Here’s the link to the video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Belly shot!

It’s looking a lot like last week’s belly but I’m sure in the next month or so we’ll start to see some pretty major developments…

A baby story: Week 15

Week 15: Baby’s the size of an apple!

Things are slowly chugging along in the baby world over here.  It’s an interesting time, though, because I feel like I’m in somewhat of a limbo period.  It’s only been the past day or two that I’ve felt any sort of real bump developing and I can’t feel any movement of the wee one yet so I just feel like I’m waitingwaitingwaiting for something to happen.  But I hear that once the bump really starts growing it will all start to happen so quickly.

I’ve been making some strides on the nursery this week too which feels really great.  I’ve got a project I’m working on that will go up on the wall and I can’t wait to share it here for you to see!  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  And Kevin and I made our first baby purchase this week as well…a book for Sirena’s library!  We haven’t purchased any baby stuff yet but we felt we couldn’t pass up this one.  We’ve made a couple of trips to Babies ‘R Us to check out the overwhelming aisles and aisles of baby crap and we’ve been looking on Craigslist for some furniture as well since we don’t want to go completely broke once the little lady makes her appearance.  We’ve got lots of cleaning and organizing to do in the guest bedroom, though, before we really start turning it into a baby space, but I’m really looking forward to this project!

Belly shot

My sister is hanging out at my apartment tonight and it wasn’t until this evening that I really feel like I’ve got an actual baby bump (and not just a chubby Lisa bump) in progress.  When I push down gently on my lower abdomen there is a firmness just under the surface that is most definitely not abdominal muscles, haha.  Jessie felt it and she agrees that the tummy is making real progress!

This week I made my first maternity clothes purchase with some Old Navy maternity jeans, seen in the photos below.  Most of the time I’m fine with my DIY maternity jeans (my regular jeans with a little something added to it) but when I sit down for long periods of time it really bothers me so I’m looking forward to more comfort with these jeans.  And hopefully they’ll last throughout the pregnancy (fingers crossed!)

I think this is an actual baby bump, people!

Lola’s always gotta make some sort of appearance in these photos, I swear!

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: -3 lbs (I’m starting to get a little anxious and for the first time in my life I hope that the number on the scale starts to go up, never thought I’d ever think that!)
  • Number of hours spent on Pinterest, pinning nursery and baby ideas: Countless! That website is addicting but it fulfills my neurotic need for organizing all of the ideas I have for her and her room. If you have an account, follow me so we can share some pins!
  • Food aversions: Same ol’ cooked pumpkin/squash, not sure why but that’s the one thing that sounds so disgusting to me
  • Food cravings: Anything made with tomato sauce!
  • Long Beach-area restaurants I can’t wait to eat at during the holidays (countdown to trip=4 days!): Lucille’s BBQ and Lola’s Mexican food, our two favorite go-to spots when we’re back at home 🙂

A baby story: Week 14

Week 14 (baby’s the size of a lemon)

This week has been much less eventful in the baby department compared to last week .  I’m still feeling A-OK and it seems that my energy levels are finally starting to return to normal.  I continue to get some funny feelings/pains in my abdomen but it should be normal since things are stretching and growing so quickly.  So the only major developments we’ve made this week that I can update on have been in terms of planning for the little lady’s arrival…

As I’m sure you can tell by flipping through some of the blog posts, I am BIG on photos and capturing moments on film.  Up until now I have almost exclusively documented our life together in still photographs but we knew that this wouldn’t be enough when Sirena comes into our lives.  So, we made the big decision to purchase a new Canon video camera so that we can capture every yawn, every giggle, and every cryfest possible.  We’ve only played around with it a little bit but I’m excited to show off some videos in the coming weeks.  In related news, I’m determined to learn how to use our DSLR camera so that I can take much nicer looking photos of her.  I think I’ve got a good “eye” when it comes to photography, I just need to learn how to use the hardware.

The other development I’ve made is some serious brainstorming on how to decorate her nursery.  I feel so fortunate to have a second bedroom that we can use as her nursery (living in that tiny, 500 square foot apartment in SF really has us appreciating space) and I’m going to take full advantage of it!  The idea/theme I’m getting excited about is book- and story-related and I’ve got a few crafts lined up to make the room extra special.  I don’t want to say too much yet until things are a little more finalized but I can at least share with you one art print that I purchased a year ago that has been my major inspiration:

“Ocean Meets Sky” by artist Terry Fan, Purchased from Society6

Belly shot!

Just like the rest of this post, there doesn’t seem to be much development in the belly department either.  Although I’m anxious to have an actual belly bump I’m also trying to appreciate the time I have left where I can bend down easily and tie my shoes!

Don’t mind the furry tail in the lower, left corner

Other pregnancy updates

  • Overall I’m physically feeling…: Everything is good!  I’m trying to get more serious about keeping an exercise routine (mostly walking but also lifting weights at the gym) to stay fit and healthy during the entirety of the pregnancy (and to not lose too much momentum from my running days so that I can have a little easier time jumping back into it after she’s born).
  • Overall I’m emotionally feeling…: I had a pretty rough week both at work with a close co-worker/friend getting let go and in hearing some very sad news about a close family friend’s recent diagnosis with spinal cancer.  Focusing my energy on sending positive thoughts and prayers to both instead of focusing on the sad reality of it all.
  • Total weight gained: 0 lbs (same as last week)
  • Food aversions: Nothing new in this department
  • Food cravings: Nothing new in this department either!
  • Days until we get to see family/friends for the holidays: 11!
  • Number of Christmas presents purchased: Two (yikes!!)

A baby story: Week 13

Week 13 (baby’s the size of a peach)

Now that we’re officially into the second trimester I’d like to post once a week with an update about me, the baby, and our little growing family.  This 13th week started off better than I could have imagined: two ultrasounds AND we found out the baby’s gender!!  But you’re going to have to be patient before finding out (or just scroll down, haha).

Yesterday we spent the better half of our day in the doctor’s office for two appointments.  Our first appointment was the basic prenatal checkup.  The doctor attempted to listen to the baby’s heartbeat using a doppler machine but the little bugger was hiding so she had to get the ultrasound (u/s) machine out.  She moved the machine around my abdomen a bit and for a minute or two we didn’t see anything.  She asked us how far along we were at our last u/s and I was getting a little worried because we weren’t seeing anything.  Then, after pushing down pretty rough on my lower right side…we saw a little fish swimming around!  The little thing was moving around so quickly and we could barely get a look at it…but it was there, and alive!  🙂

In the afternoon we had a second appointment but this time it with the genetics department for a nuchal translucency u/s (to test for genetic disorders like Down Syndrome which, we were told at the end, we have very little chance of).  The u/s tech was amazing: she was so sweet and kept saying how “cute” our little baby was and talking to it like it was right there in the room with us.

It was amazing seeing how much growth the baby had done in the five weeks since our last u/s.  The baby has grown from 0.6 centimeters to a whopping 3 inches…from the size of a raspberry to the size of a peach!  It’s still hard to believe that one day not too far in the future the baby will be the size of a watermelon…while in my stomach!  Let’s just take it one little piece of produce at a time, shall we?

We saw the baby’s heart…and spine…and kidneys…and two legs/two arms (and little fingers and toes!)…and umbilical cord…and even the brain and skull!

Profile shot

The head (the big round thing on the right) and arms

The face (the doc called this one “Skeletor”)…kinda creepy! It’s because the skull hasn’t formed completely yet.

And then to our surprise she gave us a 3D view of inside my belly to get a better look at our little bugger…it was INCREDIBLE the kind of detail we were able to see so early on in the pregnancy!

Sucking on it’s thumb (maybe)

And the very best news of the day…she asked us if we wanted to know what the gender was.  And we did (of course).  So she said, with 85% certainty she believes we’re having a…girl!

Our photogenic little model…or hula dancer…or electric slider (a few things we heard after posting this photo on Facebook, haha!)

That last photo is my favorite of all.  At first when the doc turned on the 3D, our little girl had her back towards us so she said “Cough, mama” and I coughed and the baby moved around a bit!  But she only moved enough to see the other side of her pretty little backside so the doc had me cough three other times and finally we got a view of her pretty little face.

Belly shot!

Ask and ye shall receive.  Just this week I’ve had to add a little something to my jeans so that I can still wear them comfortably.  I’m nowhere near buying maternity pants (or at least I hope not) but I definitely can’t go around in my jeans buttoned up like normal.  I think to most people I just look a bit chubby.  😉

Here are a few belly shots (and you can see big sister Lola just had to take part in the photo shoot too):

Belly shot!

She’s in there somewhere!

Admiring my little girl’s first photos

So what names do we have picked out?

This is one of the first questions I get asked after people find out I’m pregnant and especially now that we know it’s a girl I can only anticipate to be asked this even more.  We’ve had a girl’s name for a looooong time (I’ve been thinking about it since I was in college, no joke!) and so we’re happy to announce that in June 2012 we’ll be the proud parents of…Sirena!  In Spanish, Sirena means “mermaid” and it will be pronounced like the more commonly spelled “Serena” (or when she’s in trouble I’ll pronounce it in Spanish, heheh).  The middle name’s a secret for now, though.

Other pregnancy updates

  • Overall I’m physically feeling…: Still good!  The afternoon exhaustion hasn’t really worn off and each day I crave a nap like nobody’s business.  I’m hopeful my energy will be restored in the next few weeks.  The only negative side effects I’ve experienced so far is breaking out like a teenager (cute) and not being regular (if ya know what I mean).
  • Overall I’m emotionally feeling…: Much better than the last few weeks in terms of my patience but I’m not counting on that for the entirety of the pregnancy.  I’ve burst into tears a few times lately which generally just feels like a good release that’s over pretty quickly.  And lastly I’ve been sick the past three days (congested head, sore throat, runny nose) but luckily it hasn’t gotten so bad that I’ve had to take any medicine (since so many are off-limits during pregnancy).
  • Total weight gained: 0 lbs (this morning when I weighed myself I am exactly where I was before I got pregnant…I’m sure it can only be up from here!)
  • Food aversions: pumpkin/sweet potato/squash cooked in a meal (like enchiladas, stew, etc.)…blech!!  But I’m totally cool with pumpkin pie (go figure).
  • Food cravings: Mexican pan dulce, specifically ojo del toro (sweet bread with cherry spread and coconut…the best I’ve found is from Casa Latina Bakery in Berkeley. YUM!!  Who wants to bring me some??)
  • Next prenatal appointment: Wednesday, Jan 4
  • Fun baby developments this week: She’s got fingerprints and 2 million eggs in her ovaries already!  An even crazier thought is that part of my future grandchildren are inside of me right now.  The human body is incredible.

Our forties photo shoot

A friend from high school who now owns her own (amazing) photography business advertised via Facebook about a contest to win a free photo shoot with her after looking over her updated website and sharing our thoughts. Somehow I actually won!! I was ecstatic. She was traveling to the Bay Area after Thanksgiving and had a small window of opportunity to squeeze us in so we took advantage and within a few weeks had planned for our 40s-inspired photo shoot. Dorothy and George were in town for the holiday so they tagged along. I bought a vintage dress on Etsy and bought a cute hat and shoes from a hat store and a thrift shop in Berkeley. We bought Kevin’s outfit both at thrift shops (pants, shirt, vest), the hat shop in Berkeley, and online (bow tie). My amazingly talented sister did my hair and makeup that day (thank goodness!) We met Lindsay on The Embarcadero at Levi’s Plaza.

Here are my favorite shots!

Kevin and Lisa-29

Kevin and Lisa-47

Kevin and Lisa-53

Kevin and Lisa-96

Kevin and Lisa-100

Kevin and Lisa-99

Kevin and Lisa-91

And a photo of the little guest of honor <3


Here’s a link to Lindsay’s blog post about our photo shoot

All photos taken by Lindsay Cahill Photography

Mom’s reaction to baby news

I finally uploaded the video and here’s the link!

ENJOY! (I know I do every time I watch it 🙂 )

A baby story

Now that the whole world knows our exciting news I thought I’d share a few behind-the-scenes updates on the pregnancy–how we found out, what we’ve been experiencing these past 11 weeks, etc., etc.

Kevin and I have been looking forward to being parents for a long time now but it wasn’t until this year that we began seriously trying to start a family.  When we were camping in Big Sur in late September I had an inkling that we might actually be pregnant.  We told Brianne and Brian and it was strange to have the words “we might be pregnant” come out of our mouths.

5 weeks (baby’s the size of an apple seed)

Early morning the first day we were back from our camping trip (Tuesday, Oct 4) I took a pregnancy test.  I had taken one before but seeing the two pink lines was a very surreal experience.  I remember staring at myself in the mirror for a minute or two, not quite able to believe what I was seeing.  I went in to wake Kevin and tell him the news and we were immediately so, so, so excited.  The first thing I did was look up our estimated due date and, based on the first day of my last period, we were looking at a baby being born around June 6, 2012!  A Gemini…yes!

At the time we were barely 5 weeks along so it was still super early to share the news with many people but you know we couldn’t keep it to ourselves completely!  We confirmed with B & B that we were, in fact, pregnant, and then told my sister Jessie and our good friends Carleigh & Scott as well.

7 weeks (baby’s the size of a blueberry)

On Wednesday, Oct 19 (just one day before my 28th birthday!) we had our first prenatal appointment.  We weren’t sure what to expect and were a little nervous going into it.  It was interesting being in the waiting room with all of these women (and some male partners too) at very different stages of the pregnancy–some women looked just like me and some had bellies that looked like they were about to pop!  The visit didn’t last more than 30 minutes, they just did a few blood/urine tests, we filled out a ton of paperwork, and then we scheduled our next three visits.

On Saturday, Oct 22 we went to our first pre-natal class that is offered through Kaiser.  We were in a room with about 12 other couples who were between 7 weeks and 12 weeks along.  We went around the room introducing ourselves, saying how far along we were, and saying how we felt.  The woman ahead of me had the same due date as us but she said it was a miracle that she was able to attend because she had been so so sick.  Then it was my turn and I said we had the same due date but so far I haven’t felt sick at all!  Almost all of the women said “just wait!” but so far (knock on wood!) I haven’t been sick at all.

That same day we had scheduled Skype dates with my mom and with Kevin’s parents to share the news.  It was getting too difficult keeping it to ourselves and we were so excited to share the news with our families!  We called my mom first because it is her first grandchild after all.  Her reaction was pure gold and I am SO happy we decided to capture it on video so we could watch it again and relive the moment.  I’ll have to post it at another time because we haven’t reformatted it yet.  But the anticipation will be well worth it!  🙂  I can at least fill you in on how we broke the news to her: Kevin and I decided to use the baby’s Western and Chinese zodiac signs as a hint since my mom’s really interested in astrology. We told her that Kevin was going to get a tattoo of a double-headed dragon tattoo to commemorate the “Gemini Dragon” (the baby will be a Gemini born in the year of the Dragon).  She wasn’t too interested in the tattoo part…but when I told her that it was going to commemorate the birth of her first grandchild…well…I won’t spoil it for you and just let you watch later!

That weekend we told the rest of our families–my dad, our siblings, etc.–and it was so great to be able to share our news with everyone finally!

8 weeks (baby’s the size of a raspberry)

Our first real appointment with my OB/GYN was on Friday, Oct 28 and we were lucky enough to get an ultrasound at that appointment as well.

I cannot truly describe the experience and what it meant to me.  So many people told me that it was such an emotional experience for them that I didn’t think it’d end up being that way for me.  Boy, was I wrong!  The minute I saw the little big-headed creature on the screen and realizing that it was inside of my body, I was in shock.  Then, we saw a flutter of a heartbeat.

I melted.

Our little alien

It truly was nothing short of amazing.

Some exciting news that came out of the ultrasound appointment: there was only one baby in there (hallelujah!) and our due date was spot on: June 6, 2012!

11 weeks (baby’s the size of a lime)

This brings us to the current week.  On Monday, Nov 14 we took a giant step and made the official announcement…via Facebook.  Nowadays it seems like nothing is truly official until it’s announced on Facebook and that’s what it definitely felt like this week.

I had this little plan in my head for weeks now and was so excited to finally unveil it.  I ordered a shirt for Lola and wanted her to have a big part in the announcement since people know how important she is to us.  I figured she could tell it so much better than Kevin or I could!

So I wrote a note saying, “Alright, Facebook, Lola has a really important announcement to make…!” and posted this photo of her:

It was pretty hilarious seeing the confusion from some people not sure if Lola was going to be a big sister to a dog or to a human.

59 “likes” and 102 comments later and I think saying a lot of people were excited about this news would be an understatement.  🙂

Other pregnancy updates

  • Overall I’m physically feeling…: Pretty good! The past few weeks I’ve been extremely tired but my energy is starting to return a bit this week. At least I don’t feel the need to take 3 naps a day.  So far no nausea/vomitting at all (knock on wood!!)
  • Overall I’m emotionally feeling…: Well, it depends on the day (or the hour).  Overall it’s been fine with only a few cryfests (usually only when I watch/read something about babies or something along those lines, then I’m a wreck).  Last week I started feeling pretty down, though, which was no fun.  Kevin being away from home at night finally started to affect me and I was getting a bit depressed about the situation.  This week I’m feeling better but I do notice that my patience is strained a bit, especially when it comes to the high school class I teach twice a week.  I lost my cool in class on Wednesday which was not fun and I hope to get through these last few weeks of the class without any more issues!
  • Total weight gained: -3.5 pounds (so far I’ve only lost a few pounds which is kind of strange but pretty typical too)
  • Food aversions: mushy sweet potato (blech!), green salsa
  • Food cravings: Vietnamese food (I ate it four times within the last week!), cold cereal (something I typically do not eat), hummus (mmm)
  • Next prenatal appointment: Wednesday, Nov 30 (with ultrasound!)
  • How far along I’ll be at Christmas: 16.5 weeks