A baby story: Week 13

Week 13 (baby’s the size of a peach)

Now that we’re officially into the second trimester I’d like to post once a week with an update about me, the baby, and our little growing family.  This 13th week started off better than I could have imagined: two ultrasounds AND we found out the baby’s gender!!  But you’re going to have to be patient before finding out (or just scroll down, haha).

Yesterday we spent the better half of our day in the doctor’s office for two appointments.  Our first appointment was the basic prenatal checkup.  The doctor attempted to listen to the baby’s heartbeat using a doppler machine but the little bugger was hiding so she had to get the ultrasound (u/s) machine out.  She moved the machine around my abdomen a bit and for a minute or two we didn’t see anything.  She asked us how far along we were at our last u/s and I was getting a little worried because we weren’t seeing anything.  Then, after pushing down pretty rough on my lower right side…we saw a little fish swimming around!  The little thing was moving around so quickly and we could barely get a look at it…but it was there, and alive!  🙂

In the afternoon we had a second appointment but this time it with the genetics department for a nuchal translucency u/s (to test for genetic disorders like Down Syndrome which, we were told at the end, we have very little chance of).  The u/s tech was amazing: she was so sweet and kept saying how “cute” our little baby was and talking to it like it was right there in the room with us.

It was amazing seeing how much growth the baby had done in the five weeks since our last u/s.  The baby has grown from 0.6 centimeters to a whopping 3 inches…from the size of a raspberry to the size of a peach!  It’s still hard to believe that one day not too far in the future the baby will be the size of a watermelon…while in my stomach!  Let’s just take it one little piece of produce at a time, shall we?

We saw the baby’s heart…and spine…and kidneys…and two legs/two arms (and little fingers and toes!)…and umbilical cord…and even the brain and skull!

Profile shot

The head (the big round thing on the right) and arms

The face (the doc called this one “Skeletor”)…kinda creepy! It’s because the skull hasn’t formed completely yet.

And then to our surprise she gave us a 3D view of inside my belly to get a better look at our little bugger…it was INCREDIBLE the kind of detail we were able to see so early on in the pregnancy!

Sucking on it’s thumb (maybe)

And the very best news of the day…she asked us if we wanted to know what the gender was.  And we did (of course).  So she said, with 85% certainty she believes we’re having a…girl!

Our photogenic little model…or hula dancer…or electric slider (a few things we heard after posting this photo on Facebook, haha!)

That last photo is my favorite of all.  At first when the doc turned on the 3D, our little girl had her back towards us so she said “Cough, mama” and I coughed and the baby moved around a bit!  But she only moved enough to see the other side of her pretty little backside so the doc had me cough three other times and finally we got a view of her pretty little face.

Belly shot!

Ask and ye shall receive.  Just this week I’ve had to add a little something to my jeans so that I can still wear them comfortably.  I’m nowhere near buying maternity pants (or at least I hope not) but I definitely can’t go around in my jeans buttoned up like normal.  I think to most people I just look a bit chubby.  😉

Here are a few belly shots (and you can see big sister Lola just had to take part in the photo shoot too):

Belly shot!

She’s in there somewhere!

Admiring my little girl’s first photos

So what names do we have picked out?

This is one of the first questions I get asked after people find out I’m pregnant and especially now that we know it’s a girl I can only anticipate to be asked this even more.  We’ve had a girl’s name for a looooong time (I’ve been thinking about it since I was in college, no joke!) and so we’re happy to announce that in June 2012 we’ll be the proud parents of…Sirena!  In Spanish, Sirena means “mermaid” and it will be pronounced like the more commonly spelled “Serena” (or when she’s in trouble I’ll pronounce it in Spanish, heheh).  The middle name’s a secret for now, though.

Other pregnancy updates

  • Overall I’m physically feeling…: Still good!  The afternoon exhaustion hasn’t really worn off and each day I crave a nap like nobody’s business.  I’m hopeful my energy will be restored in the next few weeks.  The only negative side effects I’ve experienced so far is breaking out like a teenager (cute) and not being regular (if ya know what I mean).
  • Overall I’m emotionally feeling…: Much better than the last few weeks in terms of my patience but I’m not counting on that for the entirety of the pregnancy.  I’ve burst into tears a few times lately which generally just feels like a good release that’s over pretty quickly.  And lastly I’ve been sick the past three days (congested head, sore throat, runny nose) but luckily it hasn’t gotten so bad that I’ve had to take any medicine (since so many are off-limits during pregnancy).
  • Total weight gained: 0 lbs (this morning when I weighed myself I am exactly where I was before I got pregnant…I’m sure it can only be up from here!)
  • Food aversions: pumpkin/sweet potato/squash cooked in a meal (like enchiladas, stew, etc.)…blech!!  But I’m totally cool with pumpkin pie (go figure).
  • Food cravings: Mexican pan dulce, specifically ojo del toro (sweet bread with cherry spread and coconut…the best I’ve found is from Casa Latina Bakery in Berkeley. YUM!!  Who wants to bring me some??)
  • Next prenatal appointment: Wednesday, Jan 4
  • Fun baby developments this week: She’s got fingerprints and 2 million eggs in her ovaries already!  An even crazier thought is that part of my future grandchildren are inside of me right now.  The human body is incredible.
4 observations on “A baby story: Week 13
  1. Elsa Lizarzaburu

    I am so excited for you and Kevin. I can just imagine how excited YOU two are. I love all this technology that allows you to share all these wonderful moments with the rest of us. Have a wonderful pregnancy…don’t worry, you will get your energy back. Take good care of yourself and the little bundle you’re carrying.

    Love you guys,


    1. Lisa

      Awww thanks so much, Elsa! You’re right, we’re beyond excited but I’m so happy to hear of all the other people out there sharing in our excitement! 🙂


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