A baby story: Week 19

Week 19: Baby’s the size of a mango!

The baby has gone through a major growth spurt this week and it’s been so fun and exciting feeling her developments…

The bubbles-in-the-tummy feeling has continued throughout the week and towards the end I started to feel a more pronounced kicking feeling.  The last couple of nights I’ve been sitting on the couch reading or watching tv and have felt a lot more action down yonder–one time when I put my hand there I actually felt an external kick!  I’ve tried to get Kevin to feel it but she hasn’t been cooperating too much yet.  🙂  I feel her the most after I eat and before I go to bed.  I can’t wait for Kevin to feel a good kick some day soon!

At one point in the middle of the night on Friday I rolled over and rubbed my stomach a bit like I generally do and felt a really hard spot on the right side of my stomach.  I woke Kevin up pretty abruptly (kinda scared him to be honest, oops) and told him to put his hand on my stomach to feel it and he definitely felt the hard lump which I can only assume is Sirena because it wasn’t there long after he felt it.  It was a little creepy but very cool overall!  It seems that she likes to hang out most on my right side…

Belly shot!

Significant bumpage this week, amiright?

Other pregnancy updates

  • Total weight gained: 2 pounds (finally seeing some action on the scale this week)
  • Number of sleepless hours during the evening: This past week, on average, 1-2 hours per night I find myself wide awake and unable to go back to sleep.  So I find it quite hilarious when people warn me to “get as much sleep as you can now before the baby’s born” since this belly of mine isn’t allowing me to sleep a full night even now.  Not sure this is something I’ll find a lot of relief with in the months to come…!
  • Number of baby showers in the works: Two! We’re having our main one in Long Beach hosted by Kevin’s mom and sisters and we’re having one up here hosted by our good friend Carleigh for folks up this way.  This little girl’s gonna get a whole lotta lovin’ even before she’s born!
  • Days until our big 20 week ultrasound: One more day! Kevin’s mom and sister, Dorothy and Judith, are in town to be a part of it tomorrow morning and we cannot wait to see the lil’ lady on the big screen (that is, as long as she’s still a she).  Pictures to come as soon as we upload ’em!
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  1. Lara

    hate to tell you but the sleep thing only gets worse. :o( Back pain and constant peeing kept me up as well as indigestion. Just try to get as comfortable as you can because it’s true. You won’t get to sleep much the few months after she comes. :o)


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