Dear Lucia,

This past month marked one year since our maternity photo shoot and your baby shower. This past year has been filled with so much that it’s hard to believe it was only one year ago that all of us were celebrating your upcoming arrival, anxious to find out what you looked like, so excited to see who you were and what role you would play in our lives. One thing we seemed to have guessed right–you sure lived up to the “Little Miss Sunshine” theme of your baby shower!

Here are some of the fun things you’ve been up to this past month:

  • You took your first steps on Mar 16th! You were SO proud that day (and probably a little frightened the way Mama squealed when she saw what you were doing!) You love cruising on furniture and you have taken up to 6 steps in a row on your own so far.
  • You moved into your own bedroom a few weeks ago and it has made a huge difference in your sleep (and my sleep). You’re sharing a space with the office and we’re guessing in the next 6-12 months you’ll move next door into Sirena’s room and this room will become the office/playroom. It’s been so fun decorating your space.
  • You’re understanding so much: Like when I say, “Kevin look” you know I want him to look at something you’re doing so you look at him and ham it up big time; you will open your mouth when I say, “What’s in your mouth?” or “Not in your mouth”; you follow directions when I say, “Come here, Lucia,” “Can you do it?”, “Can I have it?”
  • You injure yourself far more often than your big sis ever did at this age and we’re guessing it’s because you’ve been mobile at such a younger age. The photos at the bottom of this post were taken to use in  your birthday party invitation and I’m (somewhat) embarrassed to say that I photoshopped your boo-boo’s out of the photo used on your invite! Every other day it seems we find a new scratch or mark on your face. Oof!
  • You’ve stopped fighting naps so badly (hallelujah!) and you will sleep a solid 45-90 minutes twice a day (around 10/10:30 and 2/2:30). So far we’re still able to get you and Sirena to nap at the same time during the afternoon and that is a freaking lifesaver. The funniest thing is that most times you get put down to sleep, you will roll over and sleep with your booty up in the air.
  • This past month you have been so silly when nursing–you’ll pull the arm that normally goes around my waist under my chest and out in front of you and immediately start clapping your hands together (all the while latched on). Hilarious!

The part of your personality we have really enjoyed seeing come to surface is your love for music and dancing (just like your big sis!) Your favorite song to date is “If You’re Happy And You Know It” and you get all excited and start clapping away when prompted by the song. If you (or me for that matter) are ever in a funk, I can easily put some music on and it gets both of us in a playful, silly, fun mood. For your first birthday, we’d like to start you in some parent + me toddler music classes to encourage this passion of yours which I’m really excited about and I know you’re going to have an absolute blast!

Your first birthday is right around the corner (um…exactly 13 days from the date I’m publishing this post). I feel mixed emotions about you approaching such an incredible milestone–so excited for what’s to come but a little heartbroken that this baby stage is coming to an end, especially given the fact that you are my last baby. You have been such a dream these past 11 months and I am so grateful that you chose me to teach you, learn from you, and tag along with you on this journey in life as your mama.




The Eleven Month Rundown


  • Drinking water: You love to drink water–be it from your little straw cup, my water bottle, or even the bathtub (ha!)
  • Airplanes: We live in the flight-path for the small, private planes that fly out of the Long Beach airport and when you hear one overhead you look up, point, and make a cute “ooh” sound. You could not have made your Daddy any happier having a second airplane enthusiast daughter!
  • FOOD: I mean, you really, really, really love food. When you see me sit down to eat you will immediately drop whatever it is that is in your hands and turbo crawl over to me, stand up holding onto my leg, and do the sign for “food” until I feed you. You do this silly thing sometimes where after I give you a bite you will cruise over a few steps while humming and chewing, then cruise back over to me for another bite, and then cruise over a few steps back while humming and chewing (over and over). You also do a super silly thing where you will lean over and eat food directly off of your highchair (no hands). Hahah!


  • Being in the car for too long: You are great in the car seat for the most part but you’ve got your limits. About 45-60 minutes after being in the car (either straight through or in and out while running errands) you are quick to share your discontent with us by screeching. Yeesh!


Monthly Photos

11 monthsAnd here’s Sirena’s eleven month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia