Dear Lucia,

What a little love muffin you are! We cannot get over how engaging and curious and sweet and responsive and adventurous and hilarious you are. Each day we learn a little bit more about who you are and what kind of person you are becoming and it makes us so proud to know that you’ve chosen us to come along for the ride.

Here are some of the exciting things you’re learning and doing lately:

  • LOTS of gross motor development this past month:
    • You started crawling on Jan 25! And boy you sure haven’t slowed down one bit ever since. Your favorite things to go for are shoes and Lola’s toys…and then proceed to put them directly into your mouth. Oy!
    • You can stand for a long period of time without assistance and you even have great enough balance that you can bend over and pick up a toy and right yourself again afterwards.
    • You like to practice walking while holding our hands. It’s only a matter of time that you start cruising and then start taking steps on your own!
    • You’re quite the climber, climbing up on top of boxes, on top of us, etc. This isn’t anything we’re used to because your big sis really didn’t try any of these maneuvers so this is all new to us.
  • You LOVE to eat food. So far the only thing you’ve spit out was a kalamata olive. Other than that, you gladly chow down on any food that we give you. For a short while you would pick a piece of food up in your right hand and leave it there, eating the rest of the food with your left hand, and then saving the piece in your right hand for last. 🙂
  • Your communication skills have also sky-rocketed lately:
    • You point at things you want, people you’re excited to see, and places you want to go
    • You have the “milk,” “hungry,” and “all done,” signs down pat. We’re working on “more” and “please.”
    • About 50% of the time you’ll wave hello or bye-bye on cue
    • You make the cutest chirping noises, especially in the car seat just talking away to yourself
    • You like to copy us barking like a dog and roaring like a dinosaur

One of my most favorite things that you’ve been doing lately, especially after your afternoon nap, is resting your head on my chest. It is the sweetest, most loving thing you could do and I melt every time you do it.

Looking back at your sister’s pictures when she was your age, I am reminded of how easily it is to forget how precious babies are once they’re running/talking/spunky toddlers. Although I miss a full night’s sleep like you wouldn’t believe, I do my best to really soak in all of the good parts of babyhood, of which there are many. Only two more months of official babyhood for you and then you’re well on your way to big kid status. This thought simultaneously makes me so excited and makes my heart ache. All I know is that right now, you are incredibly perfect and we love you times infinity.




The Ten Month Rundown


  • Cruisin’: You are a HUGE fan of the red plastic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car. We bought that for Sirena’s first birthday and I’m so glad it’s held up so that you can now enjoy it. You love to stand near it, checking out the steering wheel, horn, wheels, etc. and you love when we put you in and go for a ride on the patio or around the block. You can tell you really feel like a big kid riding around in it!


  •  Diaper changes: It has become the Diaper Changing Olympics around here lately–you twist your body and pull yourself up on your knees or even up to standing. The changing table’s days are numbered, I think…


Monthly Photos

10 months

And here’s Sirena’s ten month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia