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Sirena’s 1st birthday party!

Here is a collection of photos from Sirena’s first birthday bash! The days leading up to the party the weather was glorious…and then that morning we woke up to the gloomiest June day you could imagine! Super chilly winds, no sun to speak of. We kept the plans to host it at the park in the afternoon but it sure made for a different vibe than we had been expecting! But we all made the most of it, including the birthday girl (who had to cover up her special birthday dress which we bought when we were in Mexico over New Year’s…oh well!)


Nothing like last-minute cupcake decorating to get a party started on the right foot! We even had to defrost the frosting (which had just about frozen in our ice chest) on the car’s engine. Talk about a memorable experience, lol!


Me and Bri frantically rearranging the cupcakes as guests arrive.


The decorations for the day were mostly colorful streamers and ribbons.


The birthday girl’s special crown (made my Bri!) and her highchair all done up and ready for the cake smashing.


We made a fun display of some photos of Sirena over the course of her first year with little party hats. We also asked guests to guess what career path Sirena would choose during her doljanchi ceremony (a really neat Korean tradition for first birthdays that we borrowed for the special occasion!)









We had plenty of park games for the kids and big kids…water balloon toss, three-legged race, and some other fun games.


Of the 5 career paths Sirena could choose and crawl to she chose…education (just like her mama!) Her second choice was actually mechanical (just like her Daddy!)


Oh the presents!




Her royal highness ready to entertain her subjects.


She’s not so sure about it…


“Here, Daddy, YOU try it.”


Family photo



Delmar family


Edmonds family

The party invitation I created:

Party invite

The thank you cards we sent out:

Party thank you card

Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 13 months old

Dear Sirena,

It’s true what they say: something magical happens after a baby’s first birthday and they become a little kid!  But in addition to trying to be more independent by testing out your legs and attempting to walk (with the help of furniture or an adult’s hands, not on your own quite yet) you have also become a whole lot more clingy with me and your Daddy and nothing makes us feel more loved.  This past month you have started to do something so special and loving: at night after I finish feeding you just before bedtime you reach your arm up, grab me around my neck, and pull my face towards yours so that our noses or cheeks are touching, then you fall fast asleep.

Pure sweetness.

Love you tons,


The thirteen month rundown


  • She uses the sign language sign for “please” every time she wants something (she still doesn’t quite understand what the word itself means because she can be demanding when she does the “please” sign when she really wants something!)
  • Giving us big, sloppy kisses, not only when we ask for them too, sometimes on her own just ’cause!
  • Eating full meals at breakfast and dinner
  • Walking around while holding onto furniture and pushing her car around
  • Crawls up and down stairs
  • Feeding herself with a spoon
  • Turning the tv on (Ahhh!)
  • Drinking from a straw like a pro
  • Going to daycare twice a week like a brave, big girl

Monthly photos

Our little Coppertone model…this girl tans so well!

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Sirena’s Monthly Photos: One Year Old!!

Dear Sirena,

I could never have imagined the mixed emotions I would feel writing this post to celebrate your first birthday.  I write this note to you beaming with pride, excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of sadness too.  No longer are you our baby girl but instead you’ve become our little rambunctious toddler basically overnight.  Writing this both excites me for the adventures that are to come and chips away at my heart just a little.

You know, every month when I sit down to write these notes to you I feel like what I want to say is what I’ve already said to you in every post–you’re growing like a weed and it is such a joy and a true privilege watching you become the independent, entertaining, adventurous, sweet, lovable, strong, brave, and hilarious little girl that you are.

Each new day with you brings a whole new appreciation for what you’ve brought to our lives.  There is nothing we love more than watching you learn a new skill or making you laugh.  You make us want to be better people so that we will lead by example and be the best role models for you.  We strive to be the kind of parents that allow you to be yourself, give you many opportunities to learn and grow, while also providing you with a warm and loving home filled to the brim with laughter.  We hope you are at least satisfied with our first year’s attempt at this.  🙂

The end of an era has come and even though I’d be lying if I said it had been a breeze this past year I am already feeling nostalgic about your days as a squishy, squirmy baby.

Life with you is a true JOY and we cannot wait to celebrate a lifetime of birthdays with you, our beautiful little mermaid.



The twelve month rundown


  • Standing on her own (“Look, Ma, no hands!”)
  • Listening to us when we say “no”, puts grass down before putting in mouth
  • Playing fetch with Lola (although Lola doesn’t get quite the workout when you throw the ball three feet away…doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the attention though!)
  • Dumping things out of boxes
  • Reading books on her own (she just hums and grunts as she turns the pages)

Monthly photos

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