Dear Lucia,

What a busy second month of life you’ve had! You have grown like a champ (we unofficially weighed you at 15 pounds, whoa! Almost no one believes us when we tell them how old you are, you just don’t look it!), you’ve given us your first real laughs, and you’ve been doling out the smiles a lot more freely lately. You’re getting stronger by the day and your neck strength is unreal–you are so close to holding your head up completely on your own which I know is going to make you one happy baby. You also went on your first vacation this month (8 days long!) to the Bay Area with Mama, Daddy and Sirena and you turned out to be a fantastic little travel companion.

The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that you follow a schedule pretty closely every day, give or take about an hour or two–you take a long 2- to 3-hour nap every afternoon (which I try to join you for most days), wake up to eat and stay awake for an hour or so, bath time, eat and bed time around 6:30pm, wake up around 11pm to eat, wake up around 5am to eat, cat nap in the morning and eat every couple of hours then repeat. It’s amazing that you’ve got some semblance of a schedule at such a young age and it really really helps me a ton in planning our day and thinking about Sirena’s schedule too.

Since feeding you is such a big part of my day and our relationship right now I thought I’d document some observations I’ve had so that they’re not forgotten: I haven’t used the Boppy breastfeeding pillow basically this entire month (something I used with your sister until she was closer to one year old!) because you’re big enough to rest comfortably on my thighs but something funny that I’ve noticed is because your head rests so heavily on my arm you leave a marking of the outline of your little ear just about every time you eat; you make this cute chirping sound when you’re just about finished eating and you’re falling asleep; even though you fought Daddy giving you a bottle at weeks 6 + 7 you finally took one without a hitch at week 8 (thank goodness!); the dead weight of your little body resting against my shoulder at the end of a feeding when you’re passed out is so comforting and sweet, I hope to never forget that feeling.

My most favorite thing about you and your newborn self is the way you curl your body up in the fetal position when I pick you up after you’re just starting to wake up. Your feet come together, your little booty pushes out, and you make the cutest facial expression known to humankind. I know one day in the very near future you’ll stop doing that so each time you do it I make an effort to take it all in.

You are such a little joy and we love you to pieces.




The TWO Month Rundown


  • Ceiling fans: Nothing gets you to smile or chuckle as much as a good ol’ ceiling fan! Spinning or not you don’t discriminate.
  • Bath time: You are so chill in the tub! Our little fish.


  • Being loved on fiercely by your sister: Sirena loves (and I mean LOVES) you and wants to express that love for you as often and as mushy as possible which to you as a little newborn can be overwhelming at times. She kisses you and hugs you and tickles you and sings to you and makes goofy faces at you and it’s so sweet to witness until she gets a little carried away and we have to tell her to back off and give you some space  when you start to squirm, make an angry face, and cry out for help. 😉
  • When mama tries to feed you and you’re not hungry: Sometimes when you’re fussy and I cancel out other possible issues I try to feed you and if you’re not hungry for milk you waste no time in telling me. It’s kind of comical the way you will push away from me and cry out, makes me imagine you’re saying, “Get that thing out of my face!” Haha!


Monthly Photos

2 months

Big sis photo bomb!

And here’s Sirena’s two month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia

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