Dear Lucia,

It’s official, you’re not a newborn anymore! You’ve been growinggrowinggrowing like a chunky little weed (we unofficially weighed you at 17 pounds!) and we love each and every squishy, loveable inch of you. It’s amazing how every day you’re becoming less of a bobble-head newborn 😉 and more of an interactive, engaging baby! Here are some of the fun things you’re working on:

  • You’ve started getting excited by toys and try to reach out and grab them
  • You like to arch your upper body back to roll on your side (once you rolled completely over from back to tummy on your own!)
  • You’ve been drooling like a fountain and chewing on your fingers like a champ which can only mean one thing: teething! You’re not in any real discomfort yet (as far as I can tell) and it can be a few months of drool/chewing before any teeth pop through, but the process is definitely starting
  • You’ve been sleeping for longer stretches most nights (Mama thanks you immensely!!) and generally only wake up once

What we love most about you is how smiley you are. You dole out big, gummy grins all day long and nothing makes us happier. You are super flirty, you smile with your whole body, you chuckle and squeal when something cracks you up, and you’ve got a big personality already which we are enjoying getting to know better day by day.

With your three month “birthday” comes a bittersweet reality for me: my maternity leave is officially over and I’m returning to work. I’m grateful for the time that I’ve been able to spend with you, my sweet squishy baby, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.




The Three Month Rundown


  • The great outdoors: Nothing calms you down like being outside and looking up at the trees. When you’re having a rough time for whatever reason, I whisk you outside to our patio and sit you down on a cushioned chair to stare up at the purple flowered tree blowing in the breeze and you are immediately calmed and content for quite a while.


  • Sleeping on the go: Something me and Daddy have been struggling with a bit is getting you to stay asleep once we leave the house. You don’t fall asleep in the car easily (something we could guarantee would knock your sister out) and when we’re out during nap/bedtime so not doing your typical routine, you have a really hard time tuning out everything else to fall asleep. Timing our outings for when you don’t need to sleep has been something I didn’t think I’d have to worry about so early in the game!


Monthly Photos

3 monthsHere’s Sirena’s three month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

AND Sirena wore the same onesie that Lucia’s wearing here at 3 months…but in her SIX month photo!


The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia