Dear Sirena,

There are so many new things that you are learning every day and it just blows me and your Daddy away how much you soak it all in like a little sponge.  Your love for airplanes, helicopters, buses, and trucks has truly blossomed this month and it is so neat to see how much joy those big machines bring to you!  Every time you hear an airplane you point up in the sky and search for it and that could not make your Daddy, the-airplane-mechanic-who-runs-out-of-the-house-every-time-he-hears-a-jet-fly-overhead, happier.

The sweetest moment happened last week when I picked you up from daycare–it was a Tuesday afternoon, trash day, and you started shaking and made a “hmm” when you saw the big recycling truck approach so I decided to pause and let you watch it do its thing.  You watched in total and complete awe as the big mechanical arms came out and picked up the recycling bins and dumped their contents into the back of the truck.  Then when the truck approached I told you to “Say hi” and you waved and then the driver excitedly waved back at you and honked his horn which made you so happy!  It was such a neat moment and you seemed to have both made each other’s days.

I can’t wait to see what your interests are…if you’re going to be a little scientific, mechanical thinker like your Daddy or someone who loves art and the humanities like your Mama.  Heck, why not both?  We don’t want you to ever feel limited in what you can do and feel passionate about.



The Fourteen Month Rundown


  • She’s a walkin’!! She took her first 3 steps on 7/19, then took 10 steps on 7/30, and by the next week she was walking across the room. She still looks like a drunk sailor when trying to keep her balance but she’s getting the hang of it more and more.
  • Blowing kisses & giving people high-fives when they ask for one
  • Nodding her head “yes” and shaking her head “no”…she even says “yeah” when she’s nodding her head
  • Copying us and saying “mooo” when we ask her what noise a cow makes
  • When we chase her she sometimes “plays dead” by laying flat on the ground and waiting for us to approach her
  • She went on her first amusement park ride (the carousel) at the OC Fair!
  • She’s a turbo eater–she will stuff some food in her mouth and then ask for or grab another handful and try to put it in her mouth without having swallowed the first bite! We’re trying to teach her to chew what’s in her mouth first and she will mimic the chewing noise we make and then when we say “Let me see” she’ll stick her tongue out to show us that her mouth is empty.
  • And I think we might be entering some early stages of the “terrible twos”–she throws a tantrum every time we want to change her diaper (arching her back, squirming around trying to escape while crying really loud) and she occasionally will get really upset when she doesn’t get her way (once at a grocery store when I wouldn’t give her the balloon she wanted and once at the park when I told her we were all done with the swings). We’re doing our best not to give in to her demands because we feel she’s just testing our boundaries and we’re hopeful it will pay off in the end.  😉

Monthly Photos

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