Dear Lucia,

I don’t know how you do it but each day you just keep getting cuter and smarter and more and more amazing! It seems that you’ve really matured this month (our little sophisticated baby 😉 ) and that you’re not just a little chunky baby anymore (although you’re still plenty chunky)…you’re a gotta-get-in-on-the-action, full-of-life, so-much-fun baby.

The most memorable thing this past month has to be your first flight ever when we went on a family vacation to Oahu, Hawaii! You were such a great travel companion and we had an absolute blast exploring the island with you and your big sis. You were a few weeks younger than Sirena was when she went on her first flight.

Here are the latest and greatest things you’ve been up to this past month!:

  • Baby sign language: When you turned 6 months old I started using the sign for milk each time I fed you and Daddy would do the same. Just the past two weeks before you turned 7 months you’ve started using the sign yourself! At first I thought it was a fluke but you have consistently used it when appropriate and I am just blown away. I need to dust off my baby sign language and try to remember the other good ones we used with your big sis–it makes communicating so much easier before oral language really kicks in!
  • New noises: Blowing raspberries, gargling milk (hilarious!), smacking your lips together over and over, shrieking (this one isn’t our favorite, we gotta admit), and you’ve started making the “ba” and “da” sounds
  • Lots of new teeth: You’ve got a third tooth finally poking through on the bottom and three (count ’em THREE) more coming in on the top (this is in addition to the two bottom teeth you’ve had since 3.5 months old)
  • New physical abilities: You can clap your hands (which you love to do), you try to grab at everything, you rub your belly when you’re eating milk (adorable), and you’re very close to crawling–you lean your upper body over, sway your torso forward and backward to propel yourself onto your belly (although most times your feet get stuck underneath you so you’ve still got a lot of practice to do)

We love the big personality you, the littlest member of our family, has. We love the light that you bring to our days. We love YOU, Lucia.




The Seven Month Rundown


  • Trying out solids: We’ve jumped into the realm of solid foods and so far you’ve been enjoying the experience! We started out with banana, avocado, sweet potato, scrambled egg, oatmeal with almond butter/milk, and whole wheat bread (the soft middle part). You find the entire experience of tasting new foods and mushing it in your mouth fascinating although you’re still trying to get the hang of it (most of it ends up sliding down out the sides of your mouth, haha).
  • Lola!: You are a big Lola fan, making chirping noises when she comes around. You like to sit next to her and rub your little fingers through her fur (and try to grab a handful but we’re working on a more gentle touch). When I ask, “Where’s doggy?” you look around for her.


  • Being sick as a dog: You got hit with the second cold of your life and this one was a doozy. Sirena got croup, then a cold, then an ear infection and a week later when Sirena was finally on the mend, you, me, and Daddy all got hit with the same cold but of course it affected you the worst. You were so congested you could barely breathe laying down in bed so Daddy and I had to take shifts holding you upright so that you could sleep. And then you developed a double ear infection (and come to find out you were cutting 4 teeth at the same time to top it all off). It was 2 weeks of almost complete misery in our household and boy are we glad to be on the other side. More than anything, we felt so awful for you because you are still so so young to have to deal with a cold like that. I guess that’s what happens with second children when you’ve got germy older siblings around!
  • Separation anxiety: Just the past few days you have become really upset when we walk away from you, even if for only a minute. This is a very common stage for babies your age but it breaks our heart to hear you cry out and to see the big fat tears streaming down your cheeks!


Monthly Photos

7 months

And here’s Sirena’s seven month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia