We love our apartment for many reasons, but having a backyard almost completely to ourselves is definitely one of the biggest pluses, hands-down. A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon weeding the overgrown area. Today we went to Home Depot and bought some plants and veggies and got started on our garden! Kevin spent the whole time digging up a huge root and I spent the whole time turning the soil to get ready for us to plant our plants. The dirt is really hard, so it definitely wasn’t an easy task! I only got through half of the area, but hopefully we’ll finish the rest this weekend. While digging, I came across a neat little treasure. I found an old comic book that had been buried underground for who knows how long. We kind of felt like archaeologists sifting through the old torn pieces and trying to figure out what comic it was and from what time. Just makes you wonder whose comic book it used to be!

Kevin getting to work!

Showing off the work I did…it doesn’t look like much but I swear it was!

So after working hard all afternoon and being exhausted, I tried to sit down next to Lola and ended up falling on my butt! So Lola took advantage of the opportunity to lick my face and I’m laughing as a result.

Part of the comic book we discovered, kind of looks like an Archie comic! Click on the photos for better detail, it’s pretty cool to look at up close
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  1. Kimberly Bush

    {sigh} I love gardening! I can't wait til we're back at the San Diego house – I'm going to go crazy planting veggies. Mmmmm. There's a screened porch in the backyard that needs some fixing – but I think it'll be a fun place to hang out once we've snazzed it up a bit 😉

    What sort of plants and veggies are you putting in?


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