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Foodie reviews

It’s been a while since I wrote a foodie review…here are some of the places we’ve explored to get some grub!

Little Yangon (Burmese food)
in Daly City
What do you get when you cross Indian food and Thai food? Burmese food, apparently! Jessie and I visited Little Yangon after spending the day car shopping for her and it was exactly what we needed after that long day. I had never had Burmese food before and I was so so so impressed. I have to admit, I think about this food occasionally and can’t wait until I go back. 😉 The Rainbow noodle salad and eggplant were my favorite. Amazing food and really great service too!

Holy Grill
YUMMMMMY burgers! Big, juicy, super flavorful. Not the cheapest burgers in the city ($6-9 each) but definitely worth every penny. I got the Yoga Burger (veggie patty with yummy toppings) and it was great. We ordered the garlic fries to share but they were a tad bit too garlicky for our taste (which is a LOT for us) so next time we’ll just go without. We loved this place so much we tried to eat there a second time within the month but were sad to find out they were closed on Sundays. 🙁 Now we know!

La Corneta
in Glen Park, SF
We were so happy to find this great taqueria near our apartment without having to deal with the crowds and the horrible parking situation in the Mission. We’ve only had burritos there but damn are they good. Good prices and great portions and only a one minute walk from the Glen Park BART station.

Jitra Thai
in Lakeside, SF
We went here with Carleigh and we were not disappointed. Really friendly service, good portions, tasty Thai food.

Big Nate’s BBQ
Kevin and I were starving one day and our Yelp app led us to this place. Hole in the wall in every sense of the word. I wasn’t too impressed with their bbq beef burgers–the buns tasted like Safeway-brand buns and the meat, though tender, was just doused in BBQ sauce instead of cooked in it. We’ve heard raving reviews about another BBQ joint in our neighborhood (Johnson’s BBQ on San Bruno) that we’d like to check out for our BBQ fix next time ’round. It wasn’t terrible–but it wasn’t great either.

Like a couple of kids

Last Wednesday as I worked from home and Kevin had the day off we took a quick little lunch break trip to Bernal Heights mini-park slides that Kevin had heard about on SF Secrets (if you’re ever in need of a good laugh, watch some of this guy’s videos, they’re hilarious!)

We were not disappointed!

There she is, in all her 40 feet of glory (or so someone online says, not sure if they got out there with their measuring tape or not…)

Lola racing Kevin up the hill

Kevin and his partner in crime

Me and my Lola girl

Me in front of the camera for a change

My oh-so-handsome husband

And to finish off…a video of Kevin and Lola going down the slide (if you watch closely you’ll notice Kevin lands on his rear at the bottom but he was pretty smooth with a quick save. And he thought no one would notice, ha!)

Hike to Mt. Davidson

While Kevin was at work 🙁 Lola and I spent Halloween morning taking a hike up Mt. Davidson. The three of us took a hike up to the top before in May (check out the post at this link) and it had been quite some time since we visited so I thought that sunny Sunday was the perfect opportunity.

Lola overlooking the city

Sutro Tower in Twin Peaks

There is so much greenery on Mt. Davidson, you’d swear you were in a rainforest and not in the middle of San Francisco! That really is one of the most amazing things about this city–the tons of nature refuges within such a big, bustling city. Here are some nature shots:

Instead of “Where’s Waldo?”, Where’s Lola?

Lola taking a water break from the water collected in a fallen log

Happy dog!

For your viewing pleasure, a video clip of our hike (if you listen carefully you can hear the wet ground and Lola panting hard in the background!)

Hoopin’ in the park

Before I get to the hoopin’ part, I wanted to share some exciting (to me) news. After the Bridge School benefit concert and after a whole cup of beer was spilled on our 3 year old digital camera, it was time to trade ‘er in for a new one. On Sunday I met Kevin on his lunch break and we made a trip to Best Buy and walked out with a brand-spankin’ new Canon PowerShot AX210 IS. We are huge Canon fans and the past two cameras I have had were both PowerShots and I really can’t recommend them enough.

Ain’t she a beaut?

So the pictures from now on will be from this gorgeous little machine and I’m super happy with it.

Okay, enough of the camera love.

I met Jessie and Brandon at Dolores Park on Sunday afternoon for some hoopin’ action. They were both recuperating from a wild night at Treasure Island’s Ghost Ship Halloween party. Jessie has recently gotten into hula-hooping and so brought along her pink and gold hoop and boombox…and Brandon and I just DJ’d and watched.


Halloween 2010 was not as eventful as years past, but it was kind of nice taking it easy at the same time. The two holiday-themed activities we participated in were dressing up Lola in costumes with her buddy Bailey and we also attended Barktoberfest at Kevin’s work Pet Camp.

Bailey the squirrel (minus the hat) and Lola the bumblebee patiently awaiting treats from Carleigh
Lola felt the fool in that squirrel costume, haha
But Carleigh sure liked it for herself! 😉

Barktoberfest is an event that Pet Camp puts on each year for the community. It was nice being able to see where Kevin spends a lot of his days at work. They set up hay bales, had hot dogs, a keg of beer, beer for dogs (meat flavored, of course) and dog pupsicles too (which I thought were for humans at first, glad Kevin told me before I made a fool of myself! haha)

We didn’t have any cute costumes for her so instead we safety-pinned my Oktoberfest chicken hat to her collar so it looked like the chicken was riding on her back. 😉 She made it onto their Pet Camp website blog for the day too–check it out here at this link
She loved jumping on the hay bale stacks
…and chewing on the pumpkin stalks of course (great source of fiber, I’ve been told).
Kevin with one of the dogs of the co-host, Adam, of Mythbusters TV show on the Discovery Channel. Kevin found out their warehouse where they film a lot of their shows is in SF not too far from us, pretty cool!
One of the poodles dressed as Mr. T, he had a mohawk, gold chain, and a shirt that said “I pity da fool”, ha!
The doggie pupsicles ready for consumption
Lola’s in doggie heaven

Though this year’s Halloween weekend wasn’t super exciting, it really was nice to take it easy and just enjoy time together (which has become a rare treat for us lately). Next year, though, it’s on! 😉