Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Two Months Old

Dear Sirena,

You have become quite the fun baby this month!  Daddy and I have enjoyed seeing your first smiles and hearing your first giggles more than you can ever imagine.  You are a super happy baby when you wake up in the morning and when on the changing table.  You are starting to get the hang of copying us–either our noises, sticking your tongue out like us, or smiling–and when you see or hear us copy you, you get very excited.

You are alert for longer periods during the day and it was hard at first to figure out how to entertain and play with a 4-8 week old baby but it seems we’re getting the hang of it–right now the things that entertain you the most are reading a few books while sitting on our lap in the glider, looking at your face in the penguin mirror while listening to the fun music it plays, jumping and standing on your strong, chubby legs (with the help of Mom or Dad, of course), or just walking around and looking at things while we narrate for you what it is we’re looking at.

You have such a strong personality and although it can be rough at times trying to figure out exactly what you need right this minute you’re pretty predictable and we can figure out what it is you need after a few tries.  We love getting to know you more and more each day and we hope you are enjoying getting to know us too!

Love you,


The two month rundown


  • Reading: we’ve read just about every one of your 50+ books in your extensive library at least once through and so far it seems that Brown Bear, Brown Bear is your favorite
  • Music: it doesn’t really matter what kind of music it is, you seem to calm down whenever we put on some tunes (I like to think that your favorite is the Smokey Robinson station on Pandora since that’s basically all Mom listened to while she was pregnant with you!)
  • Bath time: still loving it (thankfully!)


  • Tummy time: although you’re starting to handle it for longer stretches a little better
  • Getting dressed: you do not like having a onesie put over your little head and arms but once it’s on, you’re a happy camper

Monthly Photos

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The many facial expressions of Sirena

And a special treat for our readers…Lola’s best photo bomb to date!

I think it’s safe to say that Lola misses her monthly photo bomb opportunities during the pregnancy!

6 observations on “Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Two Months Old
  1. Dorothy Edmonds

    I will have to come up! I want to see her smile and giggle. I miss her so much and I realize how much when I see pictures of her. Miss you two also.

  2. Judith

    Love the pictures!!!!! Miss her so much! Katelyn and I bought her a onsie today with a red crab on the front. Katelyn picked it out. Love you! Give Sirena a kiss for me,


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