Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Three Months Old

Dear Sirena,

Well, you’re officially not a newborn anymore!  It truly is amazing to see so much growth in a tiny human being in such a short amount of time and it just keeps getting better every day.  Some highlights…

The little noises you make are so entertaining (mostly “mmm” and sighing sounds) and you’re beginning to learn to get our attention through methods other than crying (hallelujah!)  Although you’ve had incredible neck strength since birth, you are holding your head up so well now that you don’t need any support from us whatsoever.  And you’re beginning to learn to wrap your fingers around things to grab them–your favorite thing to do lately is to grab the muslin blankie that’s laying on you and pull it up over your head for what I am sure will become a fun game of peek-a-boo in the near future.

In addition to being a huge milestone, your three month “birthday” was bittersweet too because it also represented the end of summer and the end of my maternity leave.  I was feeling anxious the entire week leading up to my first day back at work and that morning I felt a sadness in the pit of my stomach that I had never felt before.  Fortunately I get to work from home three days a week so I won’t miss out on too much of your precious growth this year and for that I am truly grateful.

Every parent we talk to advises us to enjoy each and every moment with you at this age because it goes by so fast.  Every day I make sure to take some time to just study you and your little fingers and toes, your chubby cheeks and thighs, your beautiful eyes and hair just so I don’t ever forget how amazingly tiny you are right now.

Love you muchísimo,


The three month rundown


  • Foot massages: You are a lucky girl in that you get a foot massage every night during our bedtime routine–I lather up and put my hands up to your face so you can smell the lavender lotion and you always pause and get an excited look on your face like you know what’s coming.
  • Long walks: When we used to go on long walks you would immediately fall asleep on our chest in the Ergo carrier but nowadays you are so much more alert and wanting to check out your surroundings so you stay awake for almost the entire walk.  Very soon you’ll be big enough to have facing outwards in the carrier and I know you’re the kind of kid who won’t want to face inwards anymore once that day comes so I am enjoying the precious time you lay on my chest as much as possible.


  • Cameras: Every time I bust out the camera you immediately get a solemn look on your face and just stare at the silver & black machine in your face.  This makes for getting a good shot of your new smiles difficult but don’t worry, you’ve got one persistent mama!

Monthly Photos

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The many facial expressions of Sirena

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  1. Judith

    Love it!!!!!! Cant wait to hold her and love her. Love the different face pictures you post. This will be such an incredible gift for her when she is old enough to appreciate it!!!!! lol


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