Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Seven Months Old

Dear Sirena,

Baby girl, you are growing like a chunky little weed and we cannot get enough of you these days! Seeing you learn how to interact with the world is nothing short of amazing and we are so proud and honored to be along for your journey.

The biggest milestone you reached this month was sitting up on your own!  You’ve been trying to do it for so long and now that you’re finally able to it’s given you so much more independence and the ability to participate in the world in new ways which you are so happy about.

The month leading up to your 7 month birthday was full of new experiences for you and you took it all in like a champ!  First Christmas, first plane ride, first international trip to Mexico, first time in the ocean, first boat ride…  You are such a flexible and easy-going baby (most of the time) and we could not have asked for a better travel buddy.  We truly hope that the Mexican stamp is the first of many in your first passport!

More than anything, at 7 months old you are continuing to become so much more interactive and fun.  You crack us up and make our hearts swoon every single day.

I now understand when other parents talk about feeling that overwhelming and incredible love for their children.  It’s what we have for you, little lady, and I can only imagine how much more this love is going to grow as the years go by.



The seven month rundown


  • Talking: She says “la, la, la, la, la” all the time while sticking her tongue out as far as it can go, it’s hilarious.
  • Being naked: I lay her changing pad on the floor as I get her bath ready and she is the happiest naked baby I have ever seen! She kickskickskicks and giggles so loud while lying naked on the floor. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my day!


  • Loud, startling laughs: She enjoys getting startled/surprised all the time but when someone laughs really loud she gets a little too startled and will start crying!
  • Clothes going on over her head: This is her least favorite part of the day but as soon as it’s over she’s quickly forgotten all about the torture she was just put through.

Monthly Photos

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The many facial expressions of Sirena

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