Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Ten Months Old

Dear Sirena,

You’ve been a Southern California girl for two months now and you seem to be making yourself at home quite nicely.  This month we started  swim lessons and Gymboree classes and you love both of these activities a lot–you love learning from and interacting with the other kids at Gymboree and you are so comfortable and content in the water, we call you our little fish.

What we love most about being back in Long Beach is how much you have grown as a curious, friendly, social butterfly.  Watching you interact with other people, especially family, and bringing smiles to other people’s faces is one of the greatest joys of being your parents.



The ten month rundown


  • Clapping–You started out touching one fist to the other palm but eventually figured out how to do a slow clap this month.
  • Waving on verbal cue–You’ve been waving for a while now but you understand when someone says “hi” or “bye” and will wave on your own instead of just mimicking someone.
  • Pull ups–You can sit up on your own from lying on your back and you’re trying very hard to pull yourself up to a standing position (any day now, I’m sure!)
  • Showing the love–You sounded out “I love you” after Daddy said it to you on 3/19 and on 3/23 you gave us a kiss after we made kissy faces at you (you open your mouth real wide to give kisses, I’m hoping you’ll eventually grow out of that one 😉 )
  • Sharing is caring–You understand what we mean when we say “Can I have it?” by handing over whatever toy you’re playing with. Then after we say “Thank you” and “Here you go” you reach out to take it back from us.
  • Bring on the chompers–You’ve got four (count ’em, four!) new teeth coming in all at once, all on the top.

Monthly Photos

She’s rocking her University of Redlands future bulldog shirt!

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The many facial expressions of Sirena

Can you tell this was not her favorite activity that day? Haha!

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