Night out on the town

Friday night was not like a typical Friday night for us. The reason? Kevin didn’t have to work the next day!! He finally has Saturdays off from now on (we’re keeping our fingers crossed that that continues through the holidays) and it was sooo great to be able to go out and not worry about staying out too late (since he usually has to work at 6am, yuck!)

We had a delicious date night at Goat Hill Pizza in Potrero Hill. Some of the best pizza ever!

Where the magic happens.
Patiently awaiting our feast…

Cute goat-and-pizza-themed artwork. Check out the top left one where the girl is looking at the goat and in her thought bubble it says: “That got shur luks gud.” HA!


Then we rushed over to visit with our favorite friends Carleigh and Scott.

My delicious duo
Me and Bailey! He was super lovable that night, I think because he didn’t have Lola to distract him.
Homemade Long Island Iced Teas for Carleigh and Kevin
Mountain Goat Bailey

We spent many hours (okay, maybe 30 minutes) playing a new game we created called “guess the celebrity’s age”. Scott and I are PROS at the game–the first time we played, the two of us obliterated the competition. The second time we played we let Carleigh and Kevin win a couple so they wouldn’t be upset. 😉 Some of the celebrities we guessed: Martin Short, Bette Midler, Eddie Murphy, William Shatner, Joan Rivers, etc. etc. Never a dull moment when the four of us get together! 😉

2 observations on “Night out on the town
  1. Carleigh

    OMG you FINALLY have a picture of me that isn't hideous. I love you guys!

    Also, dear Readers – I just want to add that Lisa and Scott are ridiculously good at this game. Scott is desperate to open up a carnival act with her. I hereby crown Lisa an honorary blind person (complete with extra-heightened senses). Another one of Scott's favorite games is called "guessing the plaintiffs' and defendents' ethnicities on Judge Judy". We should all watch with the picture off and play that game next time.


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