Sirena’s Monthly Photos: One Month Old

Dear Sirena,

Your first month was a whirlwind filled with lots of new emotions and experiences (for all three of us!)  Daddy and I enjoyed getting to know all of your little noises and adorable facial expressions and it was hard to believe that there was even a life before your arrival.  Every parent we talk to says to cherish the moments we have now while you are so teeny tiny because they go by so fast–I have made a huge effort to keep this in mind throughout the day so that I don’t easily forget what you’re like at this age.  I never want to forget just how little your fingers and toes are, how big your belly gets after you eat, how warm your little body feels when laying on my chest, how red your face gets moments before you start crying, and how delicious your smell is.

You’ve got such a big personality already and you’ve brought so much light into our lives.

We love you tons, little lady,


The one month rundown


  • Movement: be it walking, car rides, walks in the stroller or baby carrier, you name it, as long as she’s moving she’s happy
  • Being fed by mom: the little gasps and gulping sounds she makes when she’s eating are adorable, she is such a noisy eater!
  • Bath time: she loves sitting in her little reclining seat and getting covered in warm water, she even licks her lips when water drips down her mouth


  • Being in a wet diaper: basically the minute her diaper’s wet she lets us know that she is a very unhappy baby
  • Being still: see point number one above
  • Silence: the stuffed animal noise machine we received that makes noises like she’s inside the womb has been such a life saver when it comes to nap and bed time

Monthly Photos

Each month I’m going to take a photo of her in the small armchair she received as a gift to see just how much she’s grown!  I will also be taking some head shots to capture all of her amazing facial expressions.  My hope is to do this at least each month of her first year and maybe her second as well.

The many facial expressions of Sirena

8 observations on “Sirena’s Monthly Photos: One Month Old
  1. Scott Denslow

    Wow! This is really amazing Lisa! You’ll have to remind me about the stuffed animal noise machine when it’s our turn. Sounds like a lifesaver 🙂

    We look forward to little Sirena filling up that chair in no time 🙂

    1. Lisa

      Yes, it’s been a total life saver! You can find ’em at Babies R Us and I would highly recommend them. 🙂

  2. Judith

    That is so sweet. I wish I had done something like that for my kids. Love her expressions!!! Hard to believe she will be two months old in less than a week.

    1. Lisa

      I know, it goes by so fast! I borrowed this idea from another blog I follow so it’s not completely my idea but I’m glad I started doing this, it’ll be fun to look back on them!

  3. Linda Delmar

    Thanks so much for doing this. I enjoy it now and we will all enjoy all these memories so much later!


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